Do people like Horizon and Junkertown.

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You can ask most people about the 3 maps that were made recently consisting of Oasis, Horizon Lunar Colony, and Junkertown, and most say that would hate at least of 2 of the.

Oasis I've come to like. As far as it pretty much ruled by Pharah on the map where half the map is spot for you be booped, it's still a pretty good map set otherwise.

Though like Horizon Lunar Colony and Junkertown I just hate. I don't really know why for Horizon, but Junkertown seems way too open for a payload and everyone runs the Bastion comp.

3rd point Junkertown is just a joke.

This is just my opinion.
I love Junkertown. It’s my favorite map.

I hate Oasis.

I loathe Horizon.
horizon seems universally hated(i actually think its the best 2CP map but that is not a popular opinion), junkertown seems extremely mixed usually either you hate it or love it
Neutral on horizon. But hate junkertown. 9 out of 10 its spam comp. Hate it.
I enjoy them all for various reasons.
I don't fully understand the overall hate for horizon.
Junkertown is one of my favorite maps. It's just great :>

Oasis is... Alright? I've had good games and bad games on that map.

Horizon is my least favorite map to play on. It looks awesome, but I hate playing on it, no matter which side I'm on.
I love junkertown and horizon, but oasis is kinda boring imo. Never really liked control maps in general though. It's weird, I used to hate 2cp maps but know they're my favorite.
I enjoy Junkertown. One of my top 5, maybe even top 3.

Horizon, on the other hand, is probably my least favorite map. It just feels really weirdly spaced.
I don't like Oasis.

I always get forced to play it every time I start up Overwatch and its getting on my nerves.

I just want to have a nice game on Hanamura - aka the rarest map for me to join.
Hate horizon, im not 100% on what it is but its just !@#$ to play. Maybe cos its either open spaced or full of death rooms with no real passage ways. Like wtf is the point of the outside bit, 0 reason to use it as its obvious youve gone that way.

Barely played junkertown but from what I have I enjoy and oasis is probably one of my favourite maps.
Junkertown needs some tweaking.
Horizon needs some major rebalancing.
Oasis is alright. About the same as most other KOTH.

EDIT: Called Oasis 2CP. DX
Oasis competes for the spot of my favourite map, i like horizon despite being 2cp because feels really different and there are lots of strategies to use and are not explored, kinda neutral on junkertown but thats mostly because i love the payload maps and its my least favourite.
I enjoy all the maps. Maybe I'm a masochist?
I enjoy all of the maps as well.
Junkertown is the worst map in the game, imo.

I'm pretty neutral on Horizons but overall I don't mind it, and Oasis is one of my favorite maps in the game.
Oasis is trash, Horizon is a landfill, and Junkertown is heaven.
I can't stand either of them equally.
yeah i get what everyone saying its all we've been seeing with owl lately for some reason the only maps we see on their since the preseaon ( i think) was Junkertown, dorado for escort, oasis or horizon for capture, illios for control , and numbani or echenwald ( sorry i cant spell the name) for hybrid. we havent seen hanamura ,volskaya , watchpoint gibraltar, route 66 , nepal hollywood or kings row on OWL which is weird probably different weekly but idk . i still get to play on those maps some times but its been mostly the ones everyone has issues with , i like oasis from the design as how the university has that pit and how city center has the street from how funny it is to see someone get hit by the cars in game (especially bastion since he falls apart when dies ) . i am neutral on horzion becuase i hate the part where you can go outside when flanking but i always get pissed when every a lucio boops me into the death area and that the place isnt that open like hanamura or volskaya . same with junkertown because i like it but the last point is just why.
01/17/2018 05:36 AMPosted by noodlebleps
I love Junkertown. It’s my favorite map.

I hate Oasis.

I loathe Horizon.

i get what your saying man i only like oasis for the cars becuase ive had alone of matches where i see a widow or a bastion get hit and i just see their body go flying across the map
hate Junkertown with all my heart
hate Attack Horizon too, I kinda enjoy Defend

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