[Diamond Gate] Strats? Solo-q or stacks?

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3rd season in a row I'm getting close to Diamond, and if I have learnt anything is that on the last few game that matters my team will fail horribly, then I will have a huge lose streak with no chance of climbing back before season end trolling begins.

Obviously many of you must have pass this, and I would love to know if there's any strats involved, rather than "get gud".
I've been in all diamonds matches, it's really ain't all that.

I used to believe at least duo stack is good, but somehow I climbed better solo-ing this season, not sure if it'll still hold for the diamond gate though.

I'm so scared of being disappointed again, please give me some advices senpais! >_<
I don't know what you're doing wrong or what you play, but do try experimenting with clearing spaces and pressure.
In earlier seasons I was stuck pushing out of gold and into plat. I also started to experience the same as I got higher into plat and trying to push into diamond. The only way I have been able to solve this in the past was to group with 2 or 3 other people that play heroes that compliment my hero pool and that of the others on the team. I moved out of Gold and into plat rather quickly like this and then solo Qd to the higher end of plat.

I think grouping with people who have a complimentary hero pool is the best way OP.
Welcome to my world. Past 4 seasons I've been trying to get out haha.

I have a feeling that I'm not impacting the game enough to climb. Being that shining star out of 12 players is increasingly difficult, especially as a support.

Right now in the meta it seems that Mercy and Moria impact the game the most, so I'll probably stick towards those heroes to climb. I suggest looking for the top heroes in your catalog to try to impact the game more and win.

01/26/2018 06:45 AMPosted by Bob

I think grouping with people who have a complimentary hero pool is the best way OP.

Yes, grouping is a good tip...but make sure that your buuddies are actually good at the game, or you'll be hurting yourself. Best way I could explain this is my friend plays Cree a lot, and while I'm support I'll watch his plays and they are mediocre at best. He'll make constant mistakes of accidently dashing into an enemy group, taking on bad fights, not winning duels, etc.

But yeah if you got that one good friend on your list, play with them asap
01/26/2018 06:45 AMPosted by Bob

I think grouping with people who have a complimentary hero pool is the best way OP.

I do have some good dps friends, but when ppl instalock and then they have to flex to tank/sup we lose that advantage :/ especially if those dps are bad :'D
When people are near their max SR they always think there's some magical ingredient for getting into the next league when there obviously isn't. It's like saying "how do I lose weight and I don't mean just eat less".

They're not doing anything different, just better. Faster, more accurate, predict things better. Don't waste ults and play more hours to get better aim and game sense.

Also, for climbing SR solo queue is the best way to do it. Every teammate you add is compensated for with higher SR opponents. And if there is significant SR difference between you, it's gonna make things really difficult for the matchmaker. You get the best games in solo queue.
My recommendation for stacking is as follows:
Solo-Luck (Unless you're Dafran who can carry more weight than Zarya). Best queue time overall.
Duo- If you and a friend can either both flex or are super strong on a role (DPS, Tank or Support)
Trio- 1 of each role if possible
4 Stack- Two supports, 1 tank, 1 DPS
5 Stack- Go to 6 stack, do not 5 stack; however if you do, 2-2-1 (2 Supports and mix and match 2 tanks or DPS accordingly)
6 Stack- Attempt to get a 2-2-2 composition (2 Tanks, supports, and DPS), also having you're players being able to play around three heroes in their class (So you could run Triple or Quad tank or Triple DPS if you wanted to). Worst queue time at 3700+ SR
Update, duo-ed with a trustworthy friend, touch 2989 once ytd and today, both times lost the last match obviously :'D

Just have to keep trying...
OMG I made it lol T_T I want to cry

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