Which OWL team are you rooting for?

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Houston. I feel they are underrated
Florida Mayhem
01/12/2018 11:08 AMPosted by Seelegeist

Hey, you can follow the schedule on the Overwatch League website, my dude :3
All times are on our time zones, so it's reliable!
Cheers <3

There's also an app available for smartphones. It's actually pretty nifty.

Edit: On topic - I kinda like the Outlaws and the Gladiators. Neither are front runners, atm, but I see a lot of potential in both.
Dallas Fuel, both because I live in the DFW metroplex and because I like their "out of the box" strategies that set them apart from many other teams.
Houston Outlaws because I like their team colours... that’s it... only reason is colours
Definitely Dynasty and Excelsior (Excelsior because of Saebyeolbe <3)
I cheer for this whole endeavor of OWL to be a gigantic failure so Blizzard can stop pretending they make games for a competitive market and focus on the general public.
i went into this with 'no horses in the race' but I'm starting to grow a liking for the Fusion so far
LA Gladiators and Houston Outlaws.
New York all the way!
Honestly rooting for no one. Gave it a shotandsat there watching for three days for hours. Interesting premise but lacking some kind of substance to it.

I just wish we got our game. Blizz has been hurting the game with almost every step of the way. Claiming progression when in reality its jat more reasons to stop playing or caring for the game. Which we then lash out at each other because Blizz keeps closed commynication with its playerbase.
Shanghai, London, Seoul
Dallas Fuel <3
NYXL. Zero toxicity. All skill. Fun guys.
Barn owl cos they're fluffy and go woowoo.
I'm british and I'm rooting for phila fusion.
There aren't any teams for Washington so I just root for LA Gladiators.
1. Valiant
2. Uprising
3. Outlaws
There's not a good chant for Uprising. "Let's go uprising" just doesn't work. any ideas?

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