Rez mechanic that promotes good awareness and prediction

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Updated with the new Valkyrie options, which are the two that I talked about earlier.
I guess I'll bump it up a bit for now
Updated readability and corrected some descriptions
Updated some of the balancing.

Alt Valk #1's duration increased to 10s
Alt Valk #2 retains the guardian angel range

Also a small thing I want to talk about the second Valk alternative. I try to avoid overlapping with Nano Boost by giving her less mobility compared to alternative 1, which encourage Mercy to combo ult with long ranged ults rather than close ranged ults. If Nano Boost grant speed again, then these two ults can be distinguishable, with Valk as long range combo, and Nano as close range combo.
As for the forums is going to be upgraded, I'll probably back up and repost it in the new version. Potentially with some updates

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