Why Houston Outlaws make teams look like Platinum

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If you watch their matches it pretty obvious.

Their whole team is built around burst damage. You then have Widowmaker Linkzr with her high burst damage along with Jakerat and then Zenyatta via Rawkus with the burst damage and damage buff. These three are the tip of the spear.

So heavy Elimination Priority Comp. Which relates back to the past philosophy that Jake has expressed which is about out fragging enemies you win (that out fragging outplays tactics I think Your Overwatch spoke about). Lets call it Obliteration Comp or for the Yankees Shock and Awe. Maybe even Cooking Feast comp.

So Jakerat damage cooking the enemy team or Widowmaker. Even pros will get disrupt and break apart at Junkrat. Outlaws desire to make Jakerat induce panic and Widowmaker trigger unease. Essentially trigger almost Deer in Headlights situation. They cant move close because Jakerat will smash them, they cant move ranged because Linkzr will smash them. In medium range both Widowmaker and Junkrat will smash them.

Then they follow up the weakened prey from Jakerat or even Linkzr damaging Widowmaker and the rest follow afterwards. If a Widowmaker gets a kill that a win, if a Widowmaker gets a body shot that does high damage that Jakerat will kill them. If Jakerat gets damage on them then Widowmaker will finish them.

Essentially Outlaws have designed a Total Damage Focus firing composition that orbits around Jakerat and or Widowmaker.

A couple squishes getting hit with Junkrat's insanely high damage -- if they dont die are easily cooked for Winston or Dva dive and Linkzr. Linkzr doesnt even need to get a headshot -- a body shot will kill a enemy if they been hit with the mine or grenade. Even half charge can probably kill them.

So the reason why they make teams look like Platinum is not because they are that superior. IT because they are out killing the teams based on numbers and the insane damage values of Junkrat and Widowmaker. I'd say to the point that

Junkrat is pretty OP on his damage output and damage per second and per action output but if Blizzard want Junkrat as he is even though oppressing the game. Then that how be. The teams they stomp are not so far beneath Outlaws. It just that Outlaws damage is far above the average team comp because of how Blizzard designed Widowmaker and Junkrat.

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