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First off, apologies if this is the wrong section.

I've just recently re-installed Overwatch again after a few months off it. I had gone through the placements with my friend and got a rank, and was having quite a lot of fun.
I played again tonight having mixed success, but the last game had a player on my team giving constant abuse to me personally all game.

It started because a roadhog ultimate sent me into the same room as him, and got us both killed. From there he started launching insults at me, saying I got him killed, swearing at me, and also told me to 'go and die'. I can accept swearing in a game, especially when you want to win, but I can't accept someone telling me to 'go and die'.

This died down a little bit, then he started up again later in the game. The constant abuse honestly shook me a little, and I had trouble focusing on the game.

I really don't know if I want to continue playing this game again. QP just isn't the same as competitive, but I don't want to play comp if I'm gonna get abuse like that for the whole game, just because of one coincidental moment.

One option is to turn off voice chat/text chat but that will leave me at a huge disadvantage when actually playing the games.

So my question is are Blizzard trying to combat this in someway?
If needed I can supply the guys name. I haven't bothered to report him in game because I don't believe anything will get done.

Report him for abusive chat. Also out of how many games you played and you only got 1 toxic person and complaining about him? Why think of 1 bad thing and get rid of all the fun times?
No need to leave voice chat altogether. Mute the guy, block and report him. The reports do add up, and action does get taken.
Yea I've reported him now.

I've had a few toxic people in game, but it's generally one or two lines of quick abuse. I've not had 15 mins worth of abuse in a game before, and it's not something I want to experience again.

Thanks, I forgot about the mute feature, so I'll have to remember that.

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