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No matter how bad I do on D.Va I never get any hatemail. But if I'm on Mercy or Tracer and we lose people are quick to start blaming it on me even if I feel that I performed well.
i see people blaming tanks.. "roadhog come back your only feeding" "wtf winston dont push in too deep" .. most time its about wasting ults and feeding.
Because no body understands tanking, DPS and heals are easier to blame, if they don't die enough -> blame dps, if I die too much -> blamer healers. But most people when thinking of tanking think, oh idk what to measure tanks by, so uuh ill blame someone else. EVen some tank players don't really understand tanking since it is much more situational.
as long as you hold your DM in front of soldier/Mccree no one will notice you're a bad it's true lul.

a good will frag a lot and probably get gold elims, it's perfectly normal but people don't expect that and you're also supposed to protect supports against a Tracer or junkrat spam in general, it's very effective.
I've been blamed as DVA before. I've been blamed playing any of the roles really. Doesn't matter what your performance is because nobody can see your actual performance. Maybe you are just lucky or haven't played long enough to get blamed yet.
because tanks are master race.
01/29/2018 02:12 PMPosted by GremlinDiVA
No matter how bad I do on D.Va I never get any hatemail. But if I'm on Mercy or Tracer and we lose people are quick to start blaming it on me even if I feel that I performed well.

I'd crap on your terrible DVa ults or your inability to get in Widow's face, don't worry.
Thats true. Its somewhat true for people healing as well.
Only difference is, people do blame healers. Healers just get defensive, or usually the other teammates jump in to defend. Its always never the healers fault, even when there are times when it is. Its really weird.
What? I was just in a game where Reinhardt decided to hit that Charge ability whenever he wanted, going in by himself and dying, leaving us with a D. Matrix as our only way in. Earlier today I played in Hanamura and we couldn't get to the first point becuase a Widow and Hanzo held off 6 players and our Winston just would not prioritize them.

Tanks get told when they are playing poorly. Like any hero.
It has to be pretty obvious to tell when tanks are playing bad. It’s easier to tell when a tank like Winston or rein are doing bad. A lot of Winston’s dive too deep and get caught and melted, if a Winston isn’t getting any picks on healers or other squishy hero’s is a good sign he’s not doing well. Some reins tend to be too aggressive and charge in at bad times. All the other tanks have to be doing some really stupid things to actually tell when they are doing bad.
I think it's mainly because people don't really know how to gauge a tank's effectiveness on the battlefield, so they instead blame the DPS or healers
It can happen, but unless a tank blatantly messes up (usually in a way that all classes can mess up), it's hard for a lot of people to tell if the tank is good or not. I mean, usually when I've noticed tanks being bad it wasn't because of their technical skills, but because of blatant positioning errors, which any class can have. I think the one error I see beyond that which is obvious, is Reinhardt dropping a 3/4 health shield to firestrike and letting someone behind them die as a result.

Other than that, I don't really notice any tanking errors because I hate playing tanks.
Trash talk me all you want, I'm not listening nor do I care. I'm just here to create space and protect my team.
Its also probably harder to tell when a tank mess up barring obvious ones, so there's that.
I was called bad as Reinhardt for solo ulting a Genji and mopping the floor with him... by said Genji. I carried him on our next match of TDM as McCree. My back still aches here and there from that one.

Edit: More seriously, I’m sure I’ve been blamed for my shield getting low and backing off before it breaks. But if my team is five flanking DPS heroes not helping me standing with me, I’m really at a loss. People want shields and barriers but never effectively use them, but cry for one like a healer when attacking. So long as anyone but them actually has to switch.

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