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I see many people of the forum state different reasons as to why Ana is bad.
- She's got a high skill floor
- Mercy is holding her back, once she's nerfed Ana will be fine
- Dive meta counters Ana

Regarding points 1 and 2, here are the statistics for each of the healers, in GM league, according to Overbuff:
Hero - Pick Rate - Win Rate

Mercy - 51.41% - 56.02%
Zen - 33.46% - 56.46%
Moira - 5.8% - 53.64%
Lucio - 4.49% - 55.52%
Ana - 3.5% - 48.08%

Regarding point 1, yes, Ana has a high skill floor. However, she should shine in GrandMaster, but she doesn't. She's obviously the worst pick of the 5 healers, by quite a large margin. In fact, the only character, in any role, worse than Ana going by win rate statistics in GM is Hanzo.

Looking at point 2, we will see. I bet Mercy has her nerf go live this week. I don't foresee it making much of a difference though, as Ana was nerfed due to the tank meta. In OWL, we saw quad tank comps, and Ana wasn't even used, because Moira does it better.

For point 3, I can at least agree on that. Dive does hurt Ana. However, when Tank meta was a thing, Ana was nerfed into the dirt, and Blizzard FORCED a meta change. Since then, all her counters have been buffed. If Blizzard isn't going to nerf dive into the dirt, like they did Ana (I'm not advocating for that btw), then they should at least buff Ana into relevancy.

(make sure to select Support, Competitive, and GM to see comparisons)
Blizzard is looking into buffing some of the lower tier heros but I dont know if Ana is one of them

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