Give Black Cat D.Va Her Whisker Face-Paint!

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02/07/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Takuya
it's actually over 600 likes if we want to be specific

Huh. I never noticed that hovering over the "like" count showed both the likes and dislikes.
jeff notice us pls
Whiskers or riot!
The game is in beta. Chill. Next version in Beta. 0.0.7 they might add her whiskers back.
Give me whiskers or give me death! (ノ≧‿‿≦)ノ*:・゚✧
Why didn't Jeff respond to this thread? :(
Give D.Va whiskers or give us death.
I think that if they planned to hear us out they probably already finished woking on it and are just waiting for the next update to push it to live, it shouldnt take too long to add whiskers to the texure, probably less than an hour.
Feel free to email me the appropriate texture's Blizzard, and I'll do it myself for free.
Blizz come on pls
snowstorm pls
I concur, it feels odd for her spray to have them while her skin does not. We already have a whisker-less skin in Cruiser anyway.
Almost 650 likes though!
Sadface TT_TT we needs whiskers on Cat Meow...
♡ bump
Make it so, Jeff!
calm calm , its just a minor detail. i does hope it happens , though.

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