How does everyone feel about the update today?

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As a Junk main, I haven't noticed too much of a difference to playstyle/dps, so I'm fine with it.

Mercy mains I've met so far seem to be okay with her nerfs too.

But what does the community think?

Were the changes as impactful as they were hyped up to be?

What's happening/going to happen to the meta?

Who are the masses going to beg for nerfs next?
I really really like it. I never had a huge problem with Junk but I've hated everything about every iteration of Mercy. I think this is a good change for her.
Having not tried any of these on PTR...

I plan to get on and play tonight, not sure if I'll play Junk although I do play and enjoy him from time to time. I don't see the changes to him as a big problem, probably pretty reasonable.

Mercy is more problematic. I think Mercy 2.0 was the wrong direction from a start as far as how her issues were identified and what type of fixes they attempted. I also think the tweaks Blizzard made to Mercy 1.x were often misguided. That being said, I always enjoyed the Mercy 1.x playstyle (I did not hide). Mercy 2.x, unfortunately, is not fun to play for me. The changes with this new set of nerfs do nothing to address what I don't like about Mercy 2.x, if anything I suspect this will just push her further away from consideration for my personal 'roster.' They look like they will either balance or overnerf Mercy 2.x, but that'll be no more fun to me to play than OP Mercy 2.x.
I just played a comp match as moira and my teammates didn’t demand I switch to mercy.
So overall I’m pretty satisfied in that regard.
This probably isn’t the end of the balance changes but people are losing their heads,
They said she was dead after the first rework but here we are now.
She will probably get either her second charge back or insta Rez during Valkyrie
it’s almost like blizzard are trying to balance the game.

Haven’t noticed much difference with junkrat(not that that’s a bad thing).He seems pretty normal to me he just has to be more conscious of when he detonates his mines but maybe it’s too early to tell
Haven't played it yet at work, most of my junkrat experience was before the double mine so I never really relied on it so I don't expect much of a change with him. Mercy nerfs I'm ok with, get to dive other supports as Winston and dva should be a nice change, and more support options without being flamed for not going mercy sounds good, overall I think o it should be good and mercy will likely find some niche comps and she can still heal a crap ton
id still rather have 1 mine junk
Mercy is too team dependent for me to solo queue comp now. Her res during Valk is useless.

With that being said, I like knowing the enemy team won’t be able to insta-rez 2 people during Valk.

So it’s love/hate for me on the Mercy changes. I’ve never liked this iteration of Mercy, so whatever.
I haven't really felt any changes for junk rat so that's fine

Mercy won't be able to dive as much anymore, but that's okay.
Gonna go play tonight but the changes sound good on paper to me
Junkrat didn't feel like he was nerfed that hard.

Managed to do about the same with him as always.

Mercy on the other hand, feels less effective..

Guess that is how everyone likes their healers...

But it's just been one day.
Time will tell..
Just waiting for them to make 3.0 mercy and get rid of the real issue of mercy 2.0... valk.

Tired of them dragging her through the dirt and making her more and more hated.
Great patch. Maybe the greatest patch.
As a Lucio main, I'm really hoping there will be less, "Can you go Mercy?".

But I wouldn't count on it. The bad dps players still need their crutch.
Will finally do placements for this season playing ana. I'm extremely happy
The nerf is fine for both. But I have to ask, what’s the point of Valkyrie now without the extra Rez? What situations would you actually use her ult now?
Is the flood of threads from me and a ton of others not enough to let you know how the community is on polar opposites about their feedback on the update?
01/30/2018 01:39 PMPosted by Eric
Great patch. Maybe the greatest patch.

I think that belongs to the Season 2 D.Va nerf.
As a support main I'm having red warning lights go off.

And its not because of Mercy.

Its because we just recently had 50% of the support cast heavily nerfed in the past year, and only 1 slight buff to an unviable healer that is still unviable.

Supports are in a nerf spiral and we are already halfway down it.

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