Funny Ways to Ruin Overwatch

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Give mercy rez as as e ability, and then nerf her over and ov... oh wait
Buff genji.

That’s the easiest way to ruin overwatch.
Over time is removed. No forgiveness.
Earning gold medals gives more rating and way more experience.
All shots from all characters one-shot.
Have absolutely no sense of balance-- I mean like maybe only 7 or 8 useful heroes, and penalize players with Blizzard's servers lose connection!... Oh... wait.....
Physics work like they do in real life.
Oh god...

Reaper is now legit scared of fans,

this is legit the greatest comment ever
The floor is now lava.
01/22/2018 12:41 AMPosted by Terx2
No matter what you do in game it'll always come up with the DEFEAT screen.

this already happens to me
What's funnier (if not hilarious) is reading the 2017-2018 patch notes for balance.
Everyone is one shot by all bullets, because bullets kill you.
Allies and enemies share the same spawn room.
Killing an enemy resurrects a teammate
Sombra : - can now hack the spawn so that all doors are closed for a bit.
- Can hack the objective so that it's totally disabled, can't push, can't contest, nothing, you can't even stand on it, it's here, transparent.
- Can hack any allies for fun or usefulness ("Stop overextending so much, *hacks* what are you gonna do now ? Hehe).
- Can hack communications. Someone hacked can't chat at all while being hacked.(stop spamming "come on Sombra :(" in public when you keep getting hacked )

Moira : Ult now only deals damages, toward allies too, so does the orbs.

Zenyatta : can discord allies and can harmony enemies. In fact, Zenyatta can now decide to switch team at any point, to make sure he's in the winning team.

Symmetra : Teleporter is now invulnerable, it just gets destroyed(not refunded) when checkpoints/captures are reached. Teleporter provides a teleporter to each team, that are getting warped at the same place, thus creating a new choke point.
Turrets target everyone, so you can force people into using your teleporter by making spawn exit hell, or have people die from using your teleporter.
Junkrat now has as many grenades in his launcher as Bastion's turret form does with bullets, with a similar fire rate and no change in reload time. There is no enemy team, only those avoiding the bombing!

This also works great with friendly fire.
Revert Mercy ;).
All speeds are decreased by 75%.
Everytime you play a hero apart of Overwatch or Talon you are instantly arrested and put in a jail for 2 minutes
Make Rez a cooldown ability

Wait a minute...
01/21/2018 11:52 PMPosted by Chaseface
Simple premise: Change any single mechanic in Overwatch with the sole purpose of ruining the game as a whole.

My idea? Turn on Friendly Fire.

Jokes aside I'd love to have that option in a custom game, just for fun. Think more mindful positioning.

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