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This game has to be the most infuriating thing on the planet. It's easier to count the amount of games without leavers, throwers, and people who flat out refuse to work as a team because they are nearly non-existent it seems. I just don't understand what motivates someone to 'play' a game in a competitive environment with the soul aim to suck the fun out of it for everyone involved by wanting to be a d-bag. I have made it to or placed in plat every season up to season 5 and since then I am just stuck in what can only be described as virtual gaming hell. In which I am subjected to game after game of people just leaving matches or someone saying and I quote "I don't feel like playing now" and just picks torb and throws sprays on the spawn room wall for the next 5-8 minutes. I mean it would be one thing if they were isolated incidents, but it is more like the virtual black plague with this game.

All I want is a fair and balanced match win, lose, draw is fine with me. If I suck real bad I deserve to lose, but for the love of god let me do it on my own merit and not at the hands of someone who is legitimately holding the competitive game hostage because they want to derank or whatever asinine reason they have.

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