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01/30/2018 09:05 AMPosted by TheAkutsu
I need healing.

Nothing for you!
Sym, Torb, Mei, and Bastion need buffs but it makes absolutely no sense to do it in the near future. They excel against slower comps that have not seen the light of day in nearly a year now and there is no way to really evaluate their balance post buff. And for the builders, the disparity between their intended use and how people actually use them is a problem that the dev team don't know how to solve and I'd rather them focus on making tangible short term improvements.

Doomfist and Sombra can fit right into the current meta with a few buffs as evidenced by their surprisingly high pro usage in previous metas. After the PTR nerfs and reevaluating Dvas balance, they should be next on the list, and the rest should be dumpstered until Rein is meta again.
Why mei is OP I'll do the math.
10dps a sec × 45 ÷ that by 23.67 = beer.......
Genji mains and Tracer mains suck
You shouldn't play Ana or Sombra if you are below 3000 SR. If you do, you deserve a report for poor teamwork.
Valkyrie was a mistake. And those who think the PTR Nerfs will "fix" Mercy are misinformed. #RevertMercy not #DPSWatch
Outside of political debates, I've never seen a bigger group of crybabies that want anyone who doesn't see things their way locked up and put on the next train to Siberia than this community.
xQc is the most skilled player in Overwatch League, and an awesome person in general.
You all just hate him because you envy him and his talent.

Also I use fat letters because my opinion is more important than yours.
01/30/2018 09:04 AMPosted by Kagetora
2 + 2 is 4

Wrong, the correct answer is 22.
Ya'll suck at this game.
Ana should be able to use her ultimate for herself.
01/30/2018 09:01 AMPosted by UnholyDKOP
01/30/2018 09:00 AMPosted by NerdGurl720
Come at me Gency fans because I’m a useless lesbian and hardcore PharahMercy shipper and I don’t care what people say I love it! Face the birb mom fandom! >:D

I’m a freaking idiot XD

I don’t know what I just read, but I like it lol.
OMFG! I had to walk out of my office I was laughing so hard.
Maining widowmaker without coms was the best way for me to climb out of gold. Literally screw everyone else.
All Tracer and Genji whiners need to go to the Gulag.
I actually have a ton of respect for Jeff Kaplan, despite recent events.
Mercy 1.0 sucks, I'm so happy they made the rework
No flex.... zone

No flex... zone

They knooooooooooooow better
#RevertMercy. #makemercygreatagain #notmymercy #supportmain #feelsbadman
If anything, the number of both upvotes and downvotes should be visible for a comment because something that shows -5 downvotes might be 60 upvotes but 65 dislikes. Also I really hate the system that makes upvoted and downvoted comments more or less visible. It's really only an indicator of what's popular not what is reasonable and correct.

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