Why do people think Moira is overpowered?

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OMG a healer can defend her self...yeah she need to get nerf...that is so patetic excuse...specially when i see Genjis & tracer complain.
I enjoy Moria, I don't think its op by any mean but as some comments point out Moria is the best 1v1 hero, i havent yet fight anyone in a 1v1 or 1v2 that has given me any problem like a "counter" and i like that depending how I play her I can fight vs all the other picks, makes her the best hero to spam and besides she's mobile, heals, zones, sieges and deals good consistent dps.
Once the Mercy nerfs go through she stands to dominate the meta.

Or not.

The support class is funny like that.

I think she could do with a little raise to her skill-floor though. Maybe two seconds on her fade ability so it’s in line with far inferior movement abilities like McCrees roll. Seems fair.
Her escape is really strong, her ult charges fast and if nothing is done about her orbs like dva using matrix then her kit overall is good but not op.
the question is: why do the forum think moira is fine?

i like her playstyle but it is really obviously, that she isn't fine.
01/25/2018 06:50 AMPosted by greyleopardd
The only thing about her that's weird is her damage orb, and not even that it's overtuned, it's just uncomfortable to play around sometimes.

Saying Moira does too much damage completely escapes me. She literally has the lowest DPS in the game on a less forgiving beam attack than Symmetra and Winston, how is that too much?
I'll be honest, what gets me is vsing her as Sombra and having no way to win.

Edit: also struggling with Ana and then having them drop an easier, better burst healer with sustain, mobility and damage.
01/25/2018 04:35 PMPosted by Bodi
OMG a healer can defend her self...yeah she need to get nerf...that is so patetic excuse...specially when i see Genjis & tracer complain.
If she's a healer that's exceptionally strong 1v1 - that's fine, that can be her "thing". Just gove her meaningful weaknesses to balance her out. Right now she's outhealing everyone but Mercy and outkilling every other healer.
Because she has a good survivability (she's the only support that can self heal while taking damage besides Ana grenade, and she has mobility), people are used to more defenseless supports.
And this "lowest DPS in the game" is kind of not entirely true since her right click does more damage than Mei's beam, although it doesn't freeze people, it has better range and doesn't need to reload, so she can just spray it to finish kills (Mei's right click does more damage but it is really difficult to land it). Combined with her damaging orb she can deal 100 dps to someone if her orb is not eaten or deflected (which is difficult in the current meta, but this doesn't stop people from complaining).
too much range on her right click
Because she's currently a pretty good counter to many of the top meta picks. Which is probably why people are so frustrated with her. Personally I think its great that Blizzard release new heroes and counters that shake up the current meta.

I mostly see Genji players cry about her and her survivability. Aaaw, finally a support that can actually fight back and have more balanced mobility tool than himself?

She has good self defense compared to the other supports, and is able to handle herself pretty well, but she also has many clear weaknesses. The biggest being a lack of strong utility. Moira can heal and deal damage, that's about it really. Along with actually having to balance between healing and dealing damage in order to sustain her "mana". Much like Lucio, she's a very sticky support in order to be effective, often putting her in the middle of the battle.

Compared to the other supports who all pretty much have some sort of utility:

Zen which has a Debuff, Insane burst potential, and arguably one of the strongest ults in the game.

Even though Mercy is ongoing many changes currently, she has Resurrect and Damage Buff, along with the most consistent healing across all supports. Valkyrie also lets her fly all over the place.

Lucio has the highest mobility out of all the supports, speed boost, barrier ult, "booping", high amounts of AoE healing.

Ana has crazy CC with her Sleep Dart, Healing amp/denial, long range hitscan healing, and a very flexible Nano-boost ult.

Symmetra, which is arguably the queen of utility? I mean, teleporter, shield-gen, turrets, barrier, area denial, and one of the only weapons that can bypass barriers.

Meanwhile all that Moira really have going for her is being able to heal and deal damage. Her lack in utility or any "game-changing" mechanics, makes it so that more effort can be put into her own personal survival.
01/25/2018 07:04 AMPosted by Demonkirito
i think it's because she's hard to kill, even though she's a good character to use it's just when she's being attacked while she's already attacking with her drain, she regenerates the health from the attacker which I'm not sure is op or not, I mean reaper had the same thing and he's very op so...I'm not sure

Did you just call Reaper OP... <_>
01/25/2018 07:41 AMPosted by Reboticon
I don't think fade should be able to escape grav if nothing else can escape it.

As a support player, she hasn't ever felt threatening to me. Mercy can escape her easily and Zen easily 1v1s her. I could see how she could be good against some close range dive heroes (like Winston or DVa), since she can survive longer against them and they're design to get in and get out quickly so they don't get focused down, maybe those are the players complaining about her.
Genji main here, I think Moira is fine, her Orb heavily irritates me tho, as it slows and gets faster again.
The only thing I don't like about Moira is her range from her damage beam, it feels like she can !@#$% slap me across the other side of the globe.

But I understand why she has the range though, so I can deal with it.
01/25/2018 07:00 AMPosted by Eroth
Because she's killing me without even targeting me U_U

Guess that happens in Bronze league
Her offense has never seemed too overpowered to me. I have always just considered her a very strong healer.

Yes she gets gold elims often but that's just because she contributes a small amount of dmg to multiple enemies that are on their way out.

When I play her I'm a healer first and I find that is her biggest strength. I always save a heal orb during a push because it's so much stronger than the damage IMO.
I probably heal orb 9/10 times and it feels more rewarding.
pretty sure people find her op because of the amount of dps she can out put not that its any more then any other dps really its just her abilities go through shields where most dps damage does not and its spammable which allows her to keep up with the dps on her team.
The real answer is: She hard counter Genji (unless of course he gets the triple shuriken + melee + dash in her face) and she can defend herselft against Tracer.
01/25/2018 06:56 AMPosted by SolidFlip
its because she can defend herself and is fun. Lord knows only DPS are allowed to have fun
this, it's obvious supports can't have fun, look at Mercy for a prime example.

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