What do you usually do to relieve your "tilt" after a game?

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I usually play mercy.
She's so EZ and OP that you will win even if tilted as !@#$
01/29/2018 08:47 AMPosted by Krodgerdat
A nice relaxing hour of monster hunter

Excuse me?

Go outside and smoke a cig.

Or just stop playing.
Either beat the !@#$ out of my pillow followed by a (sometimes angry) nut

Or play Fortnite,which is weird because getting tilted and heading to tilted towers may not sound like a good idea, but its aight.
Kick my desk, then hurt myself and realize i'm an idiot.
My desk always wins.
01/30/2018 02:57 AMPosted by UpARayBan
Either beat the !@#$ out of my pillow followed by a (sometimes angry) nut

( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
I don't normally tilt at the game overall. But if I get angry at competitive, I go play Junkrat in Deathmatch. Never fails to make people salty.

When I get truly tilted at OW, I go do something relaxing, like level an alt in WoW.
01/30/2018 03:02 AMPosted by Vepien
01/30/2018 02:57 AMPosted by UpARayBan
Either beat the !@#$ out of my pillow followed by a (sometimes angry) nut

( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

Play quickplay until I either untilt myself, get so mad I almost go blind with rage or just give up and !@#$post on the Overwatch forums or play something else instead. Usually option #3.
i watch netflix lmao
Sometimes i get so sad that i open minecraft.
01/30/2018 02:43 AMPosted by Vepien
it gets frustrating when someone takes Junkrat and makes the whole team useless. >:/

They probably do it for the easy gold medals which nets more XP in the end. I'm a Junkrat main and usually don't pick him versus AI because, as you said, he can pretty much carry lots of maps on his own if played properly (and even then...).

Although, when the game is re-routed towards a defeat, I pull old Junkrat out to avoid said defeat because it #feelsbadman to lose against AI :P
Cat hugs!
Step 1: Lie down on your side
Step 2: Try not to cry
Step 3: Weep uncontrollably
Step 4: T500
Take a quick break and pace around my room listening to music for about 30 minutes, double that time if I’m hungry :3

While pacing around I come up with little stories that keep my mind on focus of happiness, as I usually get lost in the AUs I make, so that’s a bonus...
Majestic Wailing...


Just keep playing obviously... surely that cant be a bad idea...

Watch some funny videos, chill with my phone. If it is really cold I would make me some cocoa with marshmallows. Also playing with some friends in QP it is waaaay more casual with friends and fun.
I play roadhog, eviscerating someone with his combo is just so satisfying.
Tbh, i play OW to "relieve my tilt" after GW2 matches lol.

I actually find OW rather relaxing, as long as you mute all the screaming kids.
Session of "Thief" or "Dishonored" does it too.

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