watch this clip.. is it my team or is it me?

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for hells sake. i dont even. just why? what possesses ppl to do stuff like this then like 3 of them get wrecked at once?

..i think. im fairly sure thats what happened. a few of them got caught by that rein instead of making them come to us while at a disadvantage cuz at almost any given time they were a member down.

or was i just outta position and coulda done something different? my alt acct is currently mid 1800s i might have to just start playing that and be done with it =/
I mean you had only orisa as a "shatter blocker". And all rein has to do is walk past her barrier and shatter. Happens all the time. It's basically the same as a zarya getting 4 people in a grav. Stuff happens and you cannot avoid it unless you got proper measures, against a shatter you need another rein, or a perfectly timed shield from winston/orisa which you won't ever see in your elo.

This is how ults work in this game. It's not that your team was bad, it was that the rein did what he was suppose to, walk past a shield, press Q and then press LMB.

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Interesting clip... Was utterly surreal. Just people plodding forwards into your sights like zombies towards survivors atop the shopping mall. (Bastion kill at 2.14 was unbelievable).

Your team didn't appear to be great, but it's bronze 1000 SR, so to be expected.

To be honest I'd just switch to the alt account. Unless you fancy grinding a lot more.

Alternatively play a better carry hero. You lost a lot of time hunting for healing. A self sufficient character such as Soldier/ Hog deals with that issue.

Also, you need to watch the kill feed better. 2.36 (As I expect you've realised now upon review) is when your team suffered a quad kill.

Also, toxicity doesn't help anybody. If I ever get frustrated I just mute my mike.

Junkrat may have been better due to Rein shield. I'd consider Rein to partly counter Widow (Although that requires his team mates to make use of it).

Or Pharah as nobody can aim for toffee at that rank anyway.

Good luck. (And try to be a bit nicer to your team mates...)
That's QP lol.
What are you complaining about, your team was holding for quite some while , they got overrun, if they would be really bad, they would have been overrun way faster, only reason why you were able to snipe was because your team was holding them of for long time, as soon as they got overrun you died too, also I think you should have switched to something else after first point was captured, you did not make any kills on second point, you did damage , but they were outnumbered most of the time which made it hard for them to finish of heroes you damaged.
Yeah I got a little tilted that match I admit, usually I'm chill with the suggestions as I'm used to that stuff from rated battleground in warcraft back in the day.

Part of that big team wipe was the enemy Junkrat yeah but it was entirely set up by the rein which they could just not be that close to? IDK..

Edit..what? Look closer, I got kills while at second point. Don't get me wrong, shiz happens I just think much of that coulda been avoided. Then again, it's 1k sr cuz this is my first account. Did everything wrong, placed like 1600 if that, then made the mistake of playing over thanksgiving holiday when the kids out of school and here I am haha.
Probably would've been a better choice to switch off to something more impactful hero after you lost that first point. Surprisingly, you weren't contested much if at all. Your team held em for a pretty long time. You missed way more shots than you should have on that second point, esp since you were in the corner completely uncontested. This was an all around effort. Your team wasn't the only factor in this loss.

Also why on earth was everyone up playing that far?
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or was i just outta position and coulda done something different?

First time your team gets wiped you are out of position and aren't helping create space for your team. You pushed up too far and realized it. While you walk back to get a better position, a team fight starts and you aren't there to support your team anymore. It should also be noted that your Doomfist also just died so you are leaving 4 guys on your team to fend for themselves. This also could've happened earlier as you decided to walk back to the furthest healthpack available instead of just dropping down to the one under you and getting back in position faster. Alternatively you can call for the Mercy to fly to you for a quick heal which is probably the best option.

After your team gets wiped, you decide to go kamikaze instead of grouping up. The point is lost but instead you rather suicide and stagger. After you die, you further waste time being toxic in the spawn room while your team fights 5v6 because you aren't there to help them. Your team gets wiped again because they can't win a 5v6. Had you not staggered the fight would've been 6v6 with far better odds of winning.

By this time, enemy team is now snowballing and farmed up ult charges to use for the next battle, of which they use 3 by my count. 3 ults is enough to wipe your team again and they only need to win 1 battle to cap the point. There probably isn't anything you could've done about this fight as it's incredibly difficult to win a fight where enemy uses 3 ults.

So to answer the question, yes you could've done something different that would've increased your chances of winning.
Are you alone at fault for losing? No of course not. Everybody could've done something better but you only have control of yourself.
Does being toxic help? No it doesn't. Actually it only decreases your chance of winning. Not only does it make your teammates play worse, you shift the blame on them which prevents you from seeing your own mistakes and improving.
like 85% your fault. for one your positioning for most of this game is horrible. I yelled at the screen like 4 times because of where you are standing and where you should be standing. You didnt even notice your whole team got shattered. Your positioning in the doorway on the bottom lost you that point.

first point you are correct up on the ledge. you are incorrect when you are inside the point or on the ground. second point you are sort of correct up on the ledge but you should not have stayed there at all.

when you are low health first point the closer mega underneath is where you should have went.

its good you are getting picks but your target priority and tunneling lost you that game. not getting off the perch and killing 1 health mercy. not calling out ANY of your shots so people know what is low health to secure kills. standing in weird places you have incorrect sight lines to protect and distract.

im going to guess you are a new widow with not many hours. Its hard to play widow effectively because you can get all the kills in the world and still lose games if you dont play WITH your team. thats why your aim is good but your winrate is garbage. You are literally playing whack-a-mole when you are widowing.
When I went down to ground level and on the left? Shooting through those doorways?

definitely should have never been down there. had you been up on top on the ledge in the correct place where you were a good amount of first round, you might have been able to pick the junkrat, maybe rein or additionally stagger their team like you had been all round. dont be afraid to use right side of ledge on this map. its a much better sight line than left side of ledge and you are actually closer to health packs.

Aim isn't primary problem I don't think..

we have the same accuracy stats. if you can maintain them after 10+ hours your aim is good for your rank. you are getting picks whole game. your aim is fine. but its also relative to rank. It wouldnt be the same against higher rank players. That bastion practically looks like hes throwing lol.
My friend, you did well with widow but your team play like zombie, this is why they die to shatter by rein.

If they were better player they would have known that by now rein has shatter, and you can tell by the way he was walking he wanted to use it. They should have spread out. But people at that rank do not keep mental track of enemy ultimate, this is why you must be on voice chat and say thing like "rein has shatter, spread out, he is about to use shatter".

I know this like psychic person, I announce all enemy ult just before they use them. You have to sometime be the smart person in your teammate head.
If you were on the high ground instead of dropping down to look for enemies you could've at least damaged the rein and your team would have been more likely to survive
My widow stats on this account are the real ones I guess, this alt account is newer so of course accuracy and whatnot should be better.

I started playing beginning of this past November so like.. 10 weeks or so total? Something like that.

When I was bottom left shooting thru the doors, had I been up on the ledge I don't think I'd have line of sight on most or all of that. Plus I just went down that far forward to begin with cuz my team did.

At that SR half the team isn't even in voice chat. Yeah the Bastion was likely throwing. I tend to tunnel them a bit sometimes cuz the kind of team you get at my main account's SR can't deal with Bastion at all.

I think widow is best getting picks on supports first then on whatever enemy is causing the most trouble.. or whoever is ABOUT to cause the most.

Is that correct?

Thanks for input so far.
You will start climbing in SR when you begin realizing that the game is about the objective and not about getting kills. You could get an infinite amount of kills in a game but if you don't hold the objective you will still lose.

I think you need to work on your game sense. Widow may be good for getting kills at your level but if your team runs into the enemy team like lemmings you will struggle to hold the point by yourself against tanks. Better to play something like soldier or reaper who can sustain themselves. You also spent way too much time at 75 health and it looks more to me like you just didn't notice. You also ran to a small med pack and not a mega.

You say your alt is higher but they also tend to place higher then they should. If you don't learn some proper game sense it's likely you will also see your alt drop to bronze as well.
Yeah point taken about the health pack, dunno why did that when there's a mega in the room below on left side.

I'm on board with kills though, I'm often having to tell ppl the win condition centers around the point/cart, and the 3 or 4 different 1v1s that are going on will accomplish nothing.

I myself when on widow just try to keep the enemy team at disadvantage.. Healer dead or best dps dead or flank that Orisa, etc etc. IDK maybe a conservative widow is best when one is still learning.
I'm gold and I play a lot of Widow [51 hours] but I'm on console, so I don't think my thoughts here will matter too much but--

I think you, as an individual player, did your job. On the first point, at 2:37, your whole team basically died to their junkrat and reinhardt.

But I can say: they had no business even being off point. Why were they up that far? Why were they defending right out in the open with a shield anyone can just walk around/shoot around, instead of the point where the enemy has to go? They deserved to die to that shatter tbh. You didn't lose them that point, your tank[s] did.

on point a: it was your team.

On point B: I think you should've switched. They had a reinhardt and a Winston [double shields, and Winston is a big counter to you]. They basically just ignored you that whole fight because you couldn't really do anything once they got past the choke[s]. I think you got way too focused on the Mercy and lost track of what was going on. The Winston was ulting, your team was killed by the rein [again], they were capping-- I would've jumped on point; if anything just to contest and hope respawns can trickle in time.

And dont get me wrong, you still hit your shots on point B. You are still a good Widow. But this was a situation where those shots didn't really matter. They were steamrolling you- your team needed bodies on the objective. Their rein was the carry.

I'm not sure if this is qp or an unranked comp match; but I'll was everyone's fault. You hit your shots and kept the pressure up, your team had terrible positioning on point 1 which let them cap. Point B: You didn't really have enough time to react. Unless you're a godlike Widow you're not gonna be able to burn down a Winston, a Rein, and an ulting Mercy when they've got 4 picks on you and your team hasn't even properly setup yet. Finally you wasted time typing in spawn instead of going to setup or switching.

And I'll just don't ever need to tell people when they're sucking. They know lmao. I'm sure your team felt pretty bad when they got wiped on point A, having you kind of tell them off like that probably didn't help them play any better. If you're going to play Widow then sooner or later you're going to have someone tilt at you just because of your pick, if they haven't already. It doesn't feel good and it probably brings you down more than it helps you because it puts you in a negative headspace.

But yeah. You're a good Widow. You can hit the shots, but it isn't just about that. I think you need to work on your awareness and general gamesense-- in the sense that you have to realize what the problems are and why. Yes "my team sucks" is a problem, but why is your team sucking? Is it someone on their team messing them up? Do they keep trickling in? Do you have a bad team comp? Are you guys not communicating? Are people always out of position or wasting ultimates? Is someone being countered? Are you doing enough damage? Do you not have a shield-tank when you need one? Do you need more healing?

Anwyays I hope this helped a bit.
Yeah you did super well with widow that match in terms of kills.

When your team got rolled though you didn't notice and fall back, that could've saved the point.

You are also super lucky no enemies are even bothering to look at you because you weren't set up ready with mines ever. Also call for healing when you need healing instead of running around half the map, or realize there was one just below you

If you're in bronze your widow mechanics are better than bronze though
First point, you shouldn't of even contested it. Should of backoff as you were down 4. Which I can't blame your team for that as most of the time (at lower ranks) the only time they actually try to push usually is when it's near overtime, until then it seems like half-assed attempts at pushing.

That second point you really had a bad angle/didn't really do anything. You literally only killed the Bastion and then when it was too late the Junkrat.

So yeah, your mechanical aim isn't really what you need to work on. What you really need to focus on is how to be effective as Widow. Be more aggressive in your positioning because you do have the aim to back it up.
Crap. I admit with bronze teams I never even think to ask for help. When I watch kephrii streaming he calls for heals and virtually always gets it.

Like I said, most of the time others aren't even in voice chat at all. Bronze/silver is a different universe.

The vid probly paints a bad picture. I'm usually nice, explaining to ppl what this or why that. But for some reason, I was placed against zombies.. And was playing WITH zombies too. That whole match was just weird.

I don't know how to help these ppl win in such conditions. I'm a good Orisa though.. Maybe I'll play only tanks on one account and only hitscan on the other? Haha

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