Where's the Incentive?

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I don't mean this to be too negative, but truly, what is the point of playing Overwatch?

Grinding for lootboxes only gives cosmetics, which you never really get to see on your own character because the game is 1st person only. I certainly don't feel motivated to continue grinding lootboxes for cosmetics if they are only eye candy for other players to look at. That's pretty dumb.

Players only seem to gravitate towards the 'highly mobile killers' of the group or the 'easy to get kills with' toons.

Apparently the forums are only there for people to complain about buffing their choice character or nerfing their nemesis with every argument in between.

So if Overwatch only comes down to competing with a horribly toxic community just to show off skins and have them rub their digital nuts*ck all over you, then I really don't see the point in playing.
Cause people like playing it? I mean I don’t know what to tell you....you either find it fun enough to play...or some (or all) of what you said makes you not want to play.....and if that’s the case then don’t.....
Where's the incentive of playing a video game? You're really asking that? Usually video games are played for fun, lol. Just don't play it if you're not enjoying yourself

Like give me any other example of game that is about...
Upgrades? Better heroes? achivements?

If you look at it that way, you should never play any game because the game you most enjoy right now will die. The rewards will be forgotten in time. It doesn't matter if they're just cosmetic or game changing. No point. Nihilism is fun!

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