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I'm done with this game. I'm a lower tier player that just wants to get better at the game. But I just can't take it anymore. Blizzard treats lower level players like trash. They won't fix matchmaking, they won't do anything about trolls and leavers. They come out with a new SR system that only for the higher tiers. That to me is a clear sign about what Blizzard thinks about players like me. I've played this game for awhile now and nothing has changed. If anything it's only gotten worst. I use to love anything to do with overwatch. But after being treated like trash for this long I'm done. Their's no point in me playing this game anymore. Theirs no point in me watching streams or OWL anymore. Blizzard got my money that's all they care about anyway. I know no one really cares but I'm posting it anyway.
uuuuhhhh yeah, they also hate solo queues
In all honesty, you did the right thing by calling it quits on Overwatch.

I see you fill playing either tank or healer. Super frustrating and not fun at all. If you do decide to keep playing, play only the dps heros you find fun. Don't tank or heal ever again, it sucks!

The last few days have been beyond horrible for me. I had about 8 more wins than losses over the course of many games. You may say "yea... thats not that great", but check the win/loss records of your peers in recent players list. You will see that 60-70% of bronze players have a very bad win loss record... like 8-32 bad, and MAYBE one person out of the 12 will actually have a winning record. I know this sounds impossible, but check it.

I drew so many 5 dps instalock games in a row that somebody had to be playing a trick on me. I couldn't believe it. My wife plays, when a match would start, I'd say watch this... and sure enough it would go Junkrat(ALWAYS FIRST PICK 100%), Genji, Tracer, Hanzo and then Mcree or something. She would laugh and say "wow that sucks".

Somehow, the enemy team had enough sense to pick tanks/healers for at least 3/6 slots.

This happened so many times, that somebody, somewhere had to be pranking me for a laugh or something.

Anyway, my point is, I'm starting to give in to the tin foil hat theories that say hidden MMR could be F'ing you a little bit.
I am considering uninstalling as well for this reason. The smurfs are still an issue (even though they who shall not be named says otherwise), there are still toxic low level players who think they know more than everyone, there are still massive issues with the forced 50% win/lose rate, the hidden MMR, the bad team comps because "I wanna Genji/Mcree/Tracer/Soldier", and the garbage matchmaking.

How in the f*** does putting one three star, one two star, and four no stars against 4 one stars, 1 three star, and 1 4 star seem fair?

The only thing that's holding me back is that there isn't a good replacement for this type of game (Paladins is P2W, TF2 isn't my type, Lawbreakers is dead).
Playing a game you don't enjoy is silly. Good luck finding your next one!
01/13/2018 11:23 AMPosted by TheBlackDog
Playing a game you don't enjoy is silly. Good luck finding your next one!

What this guy said.

Even if you played 30 games and won 19 of them, you still have to spend a significant amount of time having no fun at all.

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