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I have been seeing quite a bit of discussion on how to improve Symmetra and make her a more "useful" hero. Mostly, I see people asking for another rework. I don't think that would be a good idea, as Symmetra has already had a rework. As a Symmetra main, I have just a few simple requests.

1: Give her primary fire even just a little bit of a longer range.
2: Give her 8 sentry turrets. (Some maps have a lot of good places for turrets)
3: Reduce the cooldown time for Photon Barrier to 10 seconds.

I already know that someone is going to disagree with my ideas. This is just my opinion.
Also, they need to include a stat card for how long her Shield Barrier stays up/how much shield it provided for your teammates. It still annoys me that this hasn't been implemented yet.
I propose allowing her to toss her turrets. Make the animation take a bit longer to toss them, but allow her some range on the turret placement. That will allow her to effectively place turrets without risk of a quick pick that will enrage the haters on the team even more. Plus, the idea of toss a turret on the wall behind a rein seems cool. They could bounce off barriers and land right in front penalizing the tank if they drop the barrier. Has potential, I think. A healing element to the turrets is a cool thought too.

Her gun is hard to tweak without more cries of "OP and no skill". But, perhaps lengthen her beam but cap the intensity (damage output) of the beam at longer range. Or remove the "Charge up" feature of the beam and define the DPS by range alone. Also, make her balls travel as fast as Moira's (and perhaps shoot quicker)? Why not?

Perhaps also allowing her to stop her shield in mid-flight where it will stay and remain most beneficial, instead of just flying off into space, past the guns trying to kill you. Maybe making it a touch smaller with fewer hit points, if so.

Also, for the TP. Once it is destroyed, Sym's usefulness drops considerably. Maybe a shift to a Mercy type "res" skill based mechanic instead of a stationary object would be in order, but that is soooooo touchy a topic nowadays, so I won't touch it.

I really hope they do something, because as a former Symm Main (I was until Moira came along), I really like the concept of the character. But right now, ppl are so toxic if you pick her (especially in comp).

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