Are custom games any fun?

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Never tried it but I have browsed and seen some very very strange titles to some games.
Yea man, They can be great fun to be honest! Depends on what you wanna do though.

The role playing servers can get hilarious. some are 18+, some are for younger ages!

Ana paintball even though I always got rekt was fun, 12 hogs, 1 hole, There is so many.

Then of course there is the chill/kill if you want servers!

Explore some!
There is some great stuff out there depending on what you want to do.

Everything 500%/no limits.

The chill rooms.

Junkrat hide and seek with infinite rip tires.

World of Tanks where it's just 6v6 Bastions in configuration tank.

12 hookers (Roadhogs) and 1 hole.

Widow headshot only for the true test of skill.

"If I see you move you die" rooms.

Daddy Rein chases tiny Torblets.

The possibilities are endless, feel free to come up with your own room ideas.
I think my favorite custom game is 1Shot 1 Ult

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