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Aaaaaaah that's a great idea!
I'll be heading off now getting late and i have a lot to do tomorrow, Thanks again and bye all!
01/13/2018 04:09 PMPosted by CorruptedW
I am looking for a cheap gaming laptop as said by the title.

opinions on this one above? ^^^^^^^^^^

Homie, have I got some wonderful news for you.

I own this exact laptop. Hell I'm posting from it right now.

And let me tell you this:

You had better be really desperate to have a temporary gaming solution until you can get a desktop built or maybe buy an actual gaming laptop.

Yes, it will run Overwatch @ 75% render, all settings to low/off and you will get 50-60 fps most of the time. However, everytime you need to turn quickly, the entire game gets blurry as the 940mx struggles to render the environment around you. No matter what color you change your crosshairs to, you will lose sight of it when a big brawl is going on with other colored effects rendering on screen.

You can go the 50% render low/medium settings and enjoy a solid 60-70 fps, and it helps with the 'rendering blur' you get at the 75% settings, but don't think about playing any hero that depends too much on mid-range or further because its a blur-fest and you might as well depend solely on body shots at best.

Now, if you're like a lot of other gamers, you enjoy 7.1 surround sound in games. This helps us hear where ult callouts are coming from, helps us hear enemy footsteps above or below, etc, etc. This laptop however can not handle all the sound channels most games play on. So what does this do to your gameplay? Well, you will enjoy having some of the largest and loudest enemies walk right up on you (from behind) and you won't have heard a sound because of ults going off, gunfire sounds, hero callouts and any other sound the game is trying to play at the same time. Hanzo ults are the worst to play around with this laptop because apparently the casting call never plays and the first sound you hear of it usually is the dragons roar/ wolves howl as it renders. So if you are too near the casting location, kiss your butt goodbye, because you have no time to react.

Other issues you may want to consider are the temperature problems with this (and a lot of other laptops as well). Without an aftermarket vacuum fan to assist, you will run a cool 90C/ 194F. And keep that up too long and you'll be buying a new replacement much sooner than you expected. A vacuum cooler at full speed keeps it at 45C/113F.

The monitor size is terrible. It sucks. I got a basic 31.5" 1080p monitor on sale to fix this issue. Because you can not see a damned thing. Ranged heroes? LOL good luck, even zoomed in things are tiny.

Overall, I don't recommend this route as a permanent solution to get into PC gaming or as any kind of upgrade to whatever possibly setup you currently have. I got mine because I needed something to hold me over until I get a desktop built.

Hope this gives you some insight as to issues that laptop will present friendo!

Peripheral input lag.
Lots of it when the CPU is struggling to render a fight. I have a Corsair M65 Pro mouse that has a lot less input lag than the old Razer Deathadder I had before, but I still die when hammering a button to escape death, will get a few taps in on it but die because the computer couldn't handle the input and all the action in the team fight. Outside of fights, no input issues with 1v1s away from large fights, so I'm pretty positive that it isn't the mouse's fault (at least not entirely).

I haven't noticed any input lag from my Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, but then again, by the time I got the keyboard, I had gotten used to a lot of hardware issues causing me problems in the game.
I had a look at gaming laptops in that kind of price range recently and honestly, you don't get a whole lot of bang for your buck. I've decided it would be better just to throw together a cheap gaming rig instead, something along these lines (the first on the list):

It's not going to last forever due to the motherboard not being the best, but it will give you a lot more than an equivalently priced laptop, and it will do the job for a year or two.
ok here are direct links to what i bought, on amazon, as shown from my order history.. after, my ideas for a more uh budget friendly build, based on how my own machine has run so far.

dont forget a proper headset, good ones run you no more than 50 USD all day.

thats enough eye candy.. the two big things you can save money on are the monitor and drive. the graphics card is debatable. of course, if you got something like a gtx 1050 that would still be far cheaper than a 1070-SC, but whatever.

you have to decide for yourself how much performance is 'enough' and often the main criteria are load times and frames per sec, then you just build around that performance target. of course, your fps is gonna be limited by the capability of your monitor so if you're using a laptop with a 60hz screen like i was, well... heh.

you dont need an m.2 drive, you can get a cheap "regular" (meaning SATA) SSD drive and call it a day. a 120/144hz monitor even for hitscan heroes is fine and will cost half what mine did. a gtx 1050/3gb is fine (..or the 6gb ram model heh). a $60 case instead of 100+ is fine, corsair and rosewill among others make good <100$ cases. ditto for the motherboard, i'd look at ASRock and Asus boards first. 12gb of ram is fine, get 3x 4gb sticks and run with it.

i run everything on medium but with render scale at 100% cuz why go higher, gfx card temps usually in mid 60s celsius cuz case rear fan is so-so, and always never ever less than 180fps, usually 220+

you can expect in the ballpark of this with lesser stuff but with the card clocked. one final note.. i chose my CPU cuz of the 40 PCIE lanes. i can stick all kinds of things in my machine in the future and not have to worry about it. if all youre gonna do is gaming then this need not be a thing and you can get a cheaper cpu and clock it, should you need to.

this post so long sorry heh.. last but not least, mind the little details like making sure get same chipset of motherboard and cpu. else they physically wont fit together haha. mine is socket 2011v3 i think. the main one these days for intel is 1151 or something like that. its whatever. choose a cpu based on your needs then just look up boards with the same chipset. also, mind the TDP (total max electrical power consumption) of the cpu, board and gfx card and get a power supply which is double, or close to double, whatever that number may be. like my cpu listed as 140w max tdp.. that plus the board and the 150w for a gtx1070 etcetc suggested a 650w psu so thats what i did.

the rest is just watching youtube vids if youve never built a desktop before, its not hard these days =]
01/13/2018 08:30 PMPosted by SaidTheRogue

the rest is just watching youtube vids if youve never built a desktop before, its not hard these days =]

Its like Legos, for older kids! Except even more awesome when you finish building it >:D

..yeah, when i said 3gb apparently i was thinking of the 1060. anyway, this 1050 will do just fine and its super cheap. of course, dont have it sent from states if you can avoid it, im sure thats a fair bit extra shipping haha..

it need not be an EVGA card, there are other good 'brands' also its just that theyre my preference based on software and cooling.
So after a while i made a list of items from eBay however my uncle who has made many desktops and is very much so experienced in this area told me i should try focus on the other end of the spectrum over price after giving him a call.
I looked into the part picker UK link you sent me (ROFLMEOW) and i feel as if its better to go with that however i'm not too sure on which monitor to choose which i would love for your help on:
is that one okay? or shall i just get a 24" with 144Hz such as the

the link you gave me:

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