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i'm shock that i'm almost about to quit this game. iv played since beta, and ranked in every season. after going like 1-12 in my last games. i'm sick of it . Its so hard to get wins after you get played lower then have have for the past 7 seasons even though in your placements you go 7-3. people don't want to communicate and are so unwilling to switch even when you have 4 dps and 1 healer (me being the healer) this ranking system is absolutely [removed].
Yes, the game is in terrible state and yes it's tilting. For solo q in lower ranks is nightmare. At least when you duo q its somewhat fun, but all my friends stopped playing :(
I'll be honest I placed gold when I first started.. which was season 6 i think? I dropped down to bronze simply because i rushed ranked and didn't have a great understanding.. a week or so later high silver then gold then plat.. now I'm hardstuck plat i've come close to diamond but never got it.
Although I always believe I deserve a higher rank I still struggle or fail at my current rank which reminds me.. maybe I am still where I belong.
Try to get better forget about your teammates you can't control them.. i've watched alot of stylosas analysis on my main heros and rag tagg for the laughs and getting some tips.. good luck!
This is my biggest issue w/ Competitive Overwatch. There is literally no punishment for intentionally screwing the game over for 5 other players.

Had this happen multiple games this morning... And they're never in voice chat

There should be a penalty for trying to play against your counters and losing the game
Why is there just no point loss/gain that would solve the problem SIMPLE. How hard is it to just implement that I really don't get it. You also still ban people for leaving after so many times but at least the other players will not be punished.

But this will never happen because it makes TOO MUCH SENSE.
Quitting is probably best answer my friend, I do not believe this will ever be fix, I do not think they understand what is wrong with their own matchmaker.
So you lost 12 games in a row and you still think that it is not your fault that you lost them? I mean seriously it's quick maths bro if the games were relatively balanced that's 1/4000 for this to not be your fault. If you are tilted you play worse. That's why you lose more. I have done that in the first few seasons until I realised that there is no point in tilting. You might consider the easy way of taking a break after a game but you should probably focus mostly on getting a
Haha. Tilting will lose games... but so will players that intentionally play into their counters and not help the team. No amount of positive mental attitude fixes that
Sometimes I think you can some up the comp experience as "feels bad man".

Like say for example, you're at 2280 and only need one more game to reach 2300 and you lose. Feels bad man.

Have been stuck in plat forever and when you finally reach diamond, you go on a losing streak. Feels bad man.

You're in silver and don't know what to do since it feels impossible to climb with the teammates you're getting. Feels bad man.

Comp is stressful.

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