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Should I play only one hero in future placement matches? Or should I play whatever heroes I feel comfortable with?

Also, should I solo or play with a group of friends?

I'm just curious, knowing what exactly I should be doing to get the best rank I deserve is all I'm looking for. Just trying to max my potential. Thank you everyone!
Solo or group doesn't matter much. As a duo is certainly nice.

Win loss doesn't affect your SR much, people have known that for a while now after seeing famous ppl post their placements on YouTube and they lose like 6 out of ten still place 4100 or whatever.

It's about personal stats. Play the 1-2 heroes you're best at. Try not to die, that really puts a dent in your numbers. Communicate best you can, call out your target and hopefully ppl help you attack it etc etc.
Got it, thanks a lot! So just to be clear, even though a duo sounds good, it seems like it really doesn't matter if my teammates do their job or not, so long as I do mine?

Thanks again!
Pretty much. Chose heroes you're comfortable on and can preform well on and that's going to be much more instrumental in determining where you place. It's obviously nice if your team mates do their job, but the most important thing is that you preform your characters job well.
For sure, thanks a lot! I'll definitely do my best.
Objectively speaking, solo is the most optimal way of playing the game. The only time it makes sense to group is if everyone is of equal skill level.

If you're duo for example and you're playing with someone much worse than you, they could be holding you back and with how the SR gains/loss are (not sure if this only applies for PBSR), they try to close the gap between you and your group and try to view you as one person (You're friend would gain more/lose less and you would gain less lose more until you're about the same SR).

Then on the other hand, yes it would be ideal if you could group up with someone better than you, but given the reverse if you were in that situation. You kinda can see why better players wouldn't wanna group up with you if they're serious about their rank.

But if you're looking to quit after your placements then it really doesn't matter unless you're on a new acc or new to comp on that account in which you should try your best.
Thanks, I actually made a new account and ended up with a platinum score after duo-ing with my friend and I'm pretty satisfied having reached Plat. Thanks for your advice too! This will be handy for future placement matches as well.

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