Blizzard Must Delete A Pair of Heroes..

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01/22/2018 02:56 PMPosted by Stefanonimo

And now I'll enjoy the Mercy mains downvotes that get triggered.

How dare you pick Genji for deletion! I love having good Genjis on my team.

The choice is Mercy/Widow by the way. I'd choose Torb/Sym not because I don't like the heroes, but because nothing's been done to fix their weird place in the meta for so long...
Junkrat and Hanzo easily.
Genji/Hanzo and 99% of all complaint threads on the forums are gone instantly. I can live with that.
01/22/2018 01:12 PMPosted by Ceejae

Can I choose both these pairs?
None. You put Junkrat with Hanzo and i like Hanzo. But Junkrat can !@#$ off.
Mercy/Junkrat is too Obvious, and they're getting nerfed.
So i'm not picking either one.

I say either;
Winston/Tracer -These 2 annoy me so RQ@EGAWGAWHAWh hard lol.
Hanzo/Widow - No more Hanzo Widow comps.
Symmetra/Mei -Nobody would notice that they're gone.
Junkrat would be an acceptable price to pay for deleting Hanzo.
that would been a dream.
tracer/genji, easy

only so i can finally play Orisa or Reinhardt in FFA...and actually enjoy it
moira /sym
01/22/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Wraithdagger
Tracer/Genji, easy call.

That'll make OWL great again.

That would be boring as hell and views would drop marginally. I mean i get your hate and i understand its not fun to see them everywhere either. But what would you watch then? Mccree, Hanzo, Widow? If they got picked yes.

But personally i wouldnt have reason to watch heroes in OWL which looks almost the same played by pro or gold.
Torbjorn/Sym because too efficient in the hand of a 5 years old kid.
Funny cause I was thinking of Mercy and Widow before I even saw the full post.
01/22/2018 01:12 PMPosted by Ceejae
But you get to pick which pair... you cannot trade them to make new pairs or delete one without the other, which pair do you pick?






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