What weapons do you want to use in Overwatch?

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Imagination is the limit.

(Personally out of all the weapons I used across all shooter games, favorite still is the Giant Wrench from Ratchet and Clank.)

(But if I had to choose a gun..... The Nailgun from Rage with the Rebar mod(most satisfying gun I ever used.)
I'd really like a couple of more mid-range hitscan options.

some kind of burst-fire ar
I want somebody with a really big scythe, maybe even a dual wielding scythe user.

Oh and also a flamethrower.


A automated shotgun and another machine gun.
a whip maybe?
I want a crazy Chef hero who knocks over a cauldron of hot slippery soup that makes enemy heroes lose footing and slide around a bit. I want him to throw rotten tomatoes and cabbage at enemy sticking to them doing small amounts of damage over time. I want him to pull out a butcher's knife for melee when someone gets too close. I want him to be fat, charismatic, and be buddies with Roadhog.

I want him to be a tank suppor hybrid, where he can feed his team food to heal them (like torbs armor, but health), and damage the enemy with rotten food with the same skill (think a more powerful widow mine, but more hidden like a junkrat trap) that damages them over time.

And one of his voice-lines can be FOOOOOD FIIIIGHT!!!!!
We need a Minigun!

Preferably used by a Russian...

It would also be encouraged if this individual loved Sandviches...
A crossbow and a corner gun
Hmm maybe a assault rifle
Scattergun pls. Also i want a character with a rocket launcher that can rocket jump. This is the only thing i disliked about pharah. That they removed a high skill tactic used by real american heroes and instead gave some crappy jetpack that manages to lose jet fuel very fast. And magically regains it somehow
heat seeking auto lock
poison based sprays?
whip ! ka tshhhh
Somebody who plays a woodwind of some sort as a weapon, somehow. That'd be cool.
A flamethrower.

An assault rifle like the SG552 or M4 from CS with a scope on it.
My top list would be:

1. Yamato + Moveset from Devil May Cry 3
2. The Silverballers (Hitman)
3. Wolf Knight's Greatsword (Dark Souls)
4. The Gun from Halflife that can throw sawblades <3
5. Pandora (Devil May Cry 4)
I would love to see some kind of flame thrower weapon. I suppose pyro from TF is a good analog. If designed well it could combat mercy rez by denying the area around a rez target. I mean defense is the only class not to get a hero yet.

I would also love to have a charge canon wielding hero. Something simular to the spartan lazer from halo. Attacks would have a cast time and a channel time and it could damage multiple hero's once fired. It could be an omnic
01/19/2018 07:36 AMPosted by Aleks
Scattergun pls. Also i want a character with a rocket launcher that can rocket jump. This is the only thing i disliked about pharah.

Hey, at least Junkrat can do the equivalent of that except without damaging himself.

OT: I would replace Pharah's crappy Rocket Launcher and give her the Gjallarhorn from Destiny. THIS is what a real Rocket Launcher looks like.
Totally unbalanced and absolutely ridicolous, but i would like to use a Norfleet from Borderlands 2.

It's a rocket launcher with some sort of ailien tech projectile that allows it to have a giant splash damage radius, that goes through walls.
A Flail.

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