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Hi, I'm a support/tank main and can play any hero on those 2 categories. But my favorite heroes to play are Mercy and D.Va, mostly Mercy.

I already got used to all the nerfs so far, even the rez cast time, and the new nerfs are still not in live so I'm still waiting if I can or cannot adapt to those. Right now, I feel great playing as her but I have just one minor annoyance and it is with her guardian angel ability (GA). But even if it's just minor, I still want it to be fixed.

For those who don't know, Mercy's GA has a setting to toggle if it prefers her beam target or not. Some people prefer this setting turned "ON" so that they can use GA even when they are not looking at their target. This is useful if they need to keep track of her other teammates while still having her mobility, or if she needs to run from a dangerous hero without taking her eyes off of said hero. Others, like me, prefer this setting turned "OFF" so that I can fly to a different hero while still healing/damage boosting my current target.

Now here comes the problem. If this setting is turned "ON", Mercy can use her GA even without line-of-sight (i.e. through walls). And this is VERY crucial on a LOT of situations (not just specific). An example is if she is falling off a cliff while her beam is still attached and her teammate breaks line-of-sight. This is pretty much a death sentence for her if the setting is turned "OFF". Another example is if her beam is attached to a teammate while being chased by some enemies and her teammate again breaks line-of-sight. This could pretty much be another death sentence for her if she has no other teammate to fly to. If the prefer beam target setting is turned "ON", then these situations are not that much of a problem, but some players, me included, still prefer this setting turned "OFF" for its other benefits.

There have been one popular suggestion on how this problem can be fixed, but I can think of a crucial flaw to that idea, and maybe that is why Blizzard hasn't implemented it. That suggestion is that if the setting is turned "OFF" then if the player used GA without looking at a different target, then Mercy will just fly to her beam target. This fixes the line-of-sight problem but it adds another large problem. And that is because of another useful mechanic to Mercy's GA, and that is the player can hold the GA key without any targets in sight, and when a hero enters target range, then GA automatically activates. If this suggestion is implemented, then the benefit of said mechanic vanishes when the setting is turned "OFF" and the beam is still attached. If that happens, Mercy can't press and hold GA to wait for a different target away from her current beam target. Also, if she misses her target then she will fly closer to her beam target, which could be problematic at times.

One fix to this is to just make Mercy be able to target any of her teammates behind walls. But maybe Blizzard has reasons on why she is not allowed to do that and I'm fine with that.

So here's my suggestion. When the setting is turned "OFF" then everything is the same. She still can target any of her teammates while still having her beam attached to a hero. But make it so that her GA can target the hero that her beam is still attached to even through walls, but not her teammates who are behind walls. This doesn't change Mercy's game play at all but it removes a huge disadvantage from players just because they prefer to use a certain setting.

Thanks for everyone who read through my post. I hope some Blizzard devs will be able to read this and give it at least a slight thought. With all the nerfs that Mercy has been receiving, I think it's just fair that she receives this "fix".
I prefer the toggle on just to keep things straight forward but good idea
Hi guys,

I'm bumping this topic since I really want this implemented into the game.
I still keep having the issues that I have said in this post involving losing LOS with my beam target at critical situations.

If there are issues with this idea then I would also like to know so that I can stop hoping for something like this in the future as well, if that's the case (but I hope not).

impaling ability for c. staff when?

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