Symmetra gets an epic AGAIN!

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How and why is this even possible?!

WHY is Symmetra getting Another recoloured EPIC tint outfit again?! This is so beyond the whole crap of legendaries and epic skins, I mean really?

Do we really have to cry out for begging just like Hanzo-fans did? Yes it worked out fine after lots of requesting and it showed off, he's getting 2 legendaries in a row!

Well, Symmetra has only 2 legendaries, not counting her base legendary skin.
2 legendary skins?!
You could have atleast give us her original concept outfit with her Vishkar helmet!
She just got one of the best skins in the game a few months ago. Plus we also have lunar new year in a couple weeks as well, she'll probably get one then.
Having an epic skin is still better than having no new skin at all, she got two legendaries last year.
So... how many of the other characters got epics instead of legendaries? I don't get the feeling Blizzard is singling out Symmetra here, despite how much you would prefer to believe it.
Meanwhile Winston hasn't gotten a skin in nearly a year. (Blizzcon doesn't count)

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