Don't you hate it when

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complete that sentence...

I have multiple but I'll just put one that really annoyed me today

playing mystery hero and getting a character you like/are good at and the game is re-instancing and you end up back at the spawn with a hero you hate...grrrrrr soo annoying >.<
Don't you hate it when people point at the pros using a character that has genuine gameplay issues or bugs
Don't you hate it when mei stops your perfect charge with her icewall, saving the enemy reaper that have been a pain in your as s the hold game and then just stares at you like an idiot?
Don't you hate it when the other team has D.Va, Genji, and Winston?

Oh wait that's every game...
Don't you hate it when you're trying to get your weekly arcade lootboxes in total mayhem and you get teammates who don't realize there is no point whatsoever in picking Widowmaker or Hanzo in that gamemode?
Dont you hate it when you finally hook tracer and then she decides 'nah' and undoes your skillful hook?
....when i play a tank and no one chooses a healer, or when i pick either a tank and healer and people still choose DPS. i hate it more than diet coke.
People autolock hanzo and widowmaker.

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