[Feedback Thread] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

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Hi everyone,

We've continued to see a heavy influx of conversations revolving around today's hero balance updates impacting Mercy.

In an effort to consolidate feedback and create a consistent location for users to share their impressions or opinions, please use this thread.
  • Valkyrie
    • No longer makes Resurrect instant
    • No longer grants a bonus Resurrect charge
    • The speed bonus Guardian Angel receives when activating Valkyrie has been decreased by 50%
    • Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Developer Comments: Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her, but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes. Additionally, we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability.

We appreciate your feedback, as it will assist us and provide insight on improving your Overwatch experience.

Thank you.
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Please try to see the Valkyrie rework didn't have the desired effect and try something else. Mercy 2.0 just gets so boring to play.
Sincerely, most Mercy mains

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Ban-hammer much? Surprised you guys didnt remove her wings while you were at it...
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You guys are joking with this right? The other feedback post from November gets ignored and you put up another one? For what? So you can ignore everything again? over 6200 comments on the other feedback post and nothing. How many comments do you need for you to actually acknowledge this post?
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tldr: Mercy has no Ult anymore
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You took in tons of feedback and still ignored everything. This post is just to delete all the mercy threads.
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01/30/2018 01:25 PMPosted by Marsu
Please try to see the Valkyrie rework didn't have the desired effect and try something else.
Sincerely, most Mercy mains


I believe I have a solution, please look at some of my post referring to Mercy, how I believe we can fix Mercy especially if we were to revert to the old Mercy Ultimate 1.0
Thank you, Blizzard.
I still find her fun to play with, at least you're not focusing on resurrecting your teammates that much anymore, and instead focusing on healing. I'm an aggressive healer as Mercy. But the only issue I find about this is the decreased speed on Valked Guardian Angel kinda hurts me. It would be nice if the reduction was only, like, 30%? In my opinion. Still, cheers.
I believe her rez cast and slow should be reduced in ult, yet the cast should be long enough to enable a counter like a stun or just death.

I still think Valkyrie should grant a bonus charge of rez, or at the very least, reset the rez cooldown in addition to the slow&cast. But if Valkyrie is meant to be a rez-free ult like it is on live now, maybe boost her HPS or DMG beams slightly?

So it feels like you're actually doing something when you ult...
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Just who do you think you're kidding, devs? We all know by now that this feedback wont be taken into account.
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what could valkyrie do in the past?

fly quickly to escape, a movement ability
resurrect two people
fly for twenty seconds
unlimited ammo

sounds like a good ult? kinda

what does valkyrie do now?
flies slowly
resurrects one person

the reason mercy became so op was because they changed her old ULTIMATE into a normal ABILITY.
It’s an ULTIMATE ABILITY for a reason, not something you’re supposed to get every thirty seconds?

i was a Mercy main and even I knew this.
Even if res doesn’t stay her ability, why don’t the devs just try again? honestly what’s holding them back from starting from scratch?

not that i don’t appreciate everything else blizzard or the devs does, because i honestly do. but we heard the famous last words yet again the other day “we don’t want to ruin mercy”

they probably don’t, but it’s not necessarily blizzard or the developers who have done this, it’s the fanbase. does it not scare anyone else that if enough people don’t like something about a hero this exact thing could happen to you?? i don’t know anymore tbh :(

i probably got a few things wrong about valk but all i have to say is “oops”
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Revert Mercy back to 1.0
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Are you guys going to actually read our feedback or am I just wasting my time?
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01/30/2018 01:21 PMPosted by Tom Powers
We appreciate your feedback, as it will assist us and provide insight on improving your Overwatch experience.

You can't fool anyone with those lies.
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Yeah this? This is awful, you're asking for the playerbase to not be able to trust you
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What's the point of giving feedback if you aren't even acknowledging that a lot of people want 1.0 back.

We want to have fun. We want Mercy back. It's time to revert.

And if you want feedback, go ahead and read the 1500+ posts on the PTR forums
Thank you, papa jeff :)

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