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02/12/2018 03:13 AMPosted by Estranhow

There's not a single good idea to tweak old mass rez that wouldn't either keep the same hide-and-rez strat or make it useless.

Why not? Explain...
Mercy had a 95%+ play-rate. She was on both teams almost every game, and in the 2% of games that didn't have a mercy on one team, that team almost always lost.

I paid extra attention due to this claim Mercy being a mustpick before January 30th and most of the times we had no Mercy - but the enemy team did - we won.
02/12/2018 02:38 AMPosted by Arandmoor

With this patch being solely nerf-centric, there are a lot of players who are dissatisfied because they like playing "the most powerful character", and that character was Mercy. The FOTM crowd (Flavor of the Month, if you aren't familiar) are always loud and negative when nerfs roll in.

That's some bull you write. No one does like nerfs for the heroes they like to play. There is no most powerful hero in Overwatch. There is always at least one hard counter. I don't care about the "FOTM" crowd. I care about Mercy.
You know what, I would live without resurrect ability entirely. As it is now, its boring to use and it doesnt feet fast paced Mercy style gameplay, you jump around from ally to ally, healing, and here you must to stay several seconds to resurrect and this doesnt fit gameplay well, and its simple logic: if your team member got killed and you are near, how can you be not in danger while resurrecting him and basically without any way to protect yourself while resurrecting? So in most cases you get killed, what a fun.

Remove resurrect entirely and replace it with 6 sec ability to use GA in any direction without teammate needed and maybe cut ult charge by 10-15% thats it.
Hello! This is my first time being on the forums. And might be the last until another feedback thread pops up. Or something.

I've been reading and lurking and all about this Mercy topic, and I am aware of the Dev team not considering doing a revert or removing Resurrect. So I'll give my first and possibly only feedback on how to help Valkyrie as best as I can currently think of.

For one, I'm a console player and Mercy is my most played hero. Then it's Junkrat(I actively try to ignore the time I have on Genji for my account, he being my most played dps despite Junkrat being my go-to), and D.va for Tanks. I want to work on my McCree and Sombra, learn how to play Zarya, Widow, Orisa, and work on my Ana and Moira after I get enough Competitive Points next season so I can get my Junkrat gold gun(Junkrat is the reason I bought this game in the first place. I love his playstyle and gameplay^^). But Mercy is my strongest hero, and by strongest I mean the one hero I'm best at, so I use her mainly in Competitive (and QP when no one wants to go healer, but I'm happy to fill) to give it my all. You all probably don't care about this second paragraph, so feel free to ignore it.

My suggestion/feedback is the same many others have said before here. And while I do remember how the last Mercy feedback thread was 'ignored' and how this one is referred to as a 'void for us to scream into', I too like to be positive and hold hopes that they do read the feedback. Perhaps it might not be considered, but I'll be okay if it was at least read.

I do not have it's current in-game description on me at the moment, but it basically says/implies that it's everything Mercy does but better. In a way, it does do better.

Heal/Damage Boost Beams/Tether
Instead of a single-target healing, she can heal the whole team (so long as they're all grouped up *sigh*). The healing/damage-boost isn't buffed to where it heals more than her outside of Valk. I'd suggest buffing that, to where it does more healing (maybe more heals to the person it's attached too like someone suggested) or it starts to do more healing overtime the longer the beam is attached to that specific mode (ei; if it's damage boost and say it's at 30% but if you keep it locked to that it increases past 30%. but not to where it is too op i guess? but at least pressuring).

That'd be my idea of a "better" version of her normal beams. But then again, perhaps what they meant by it being "better" is how her beams now chain together? Onto her Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel
It has been decreased by fifty percent to make her slower or harder to hit(don't quote me on that pls). But it feels like the same GA as it does outside of Valk. This isn't too much of a problem for me, but I'd at least take like ten percent off(ei; instead of 50% it'd be 40%). At the very least. But if she needs to be easier to hit, and her hitbox will continue to still be as it is, this isn't too much of a problem for me I think. Still kinda sucks on how slow she is. Onto her Valkyrie Duration.

I don't mind the five seconds chipped off, though a friend of mine concurs that those five seconds was needed for her healing. Anyway, the only thing I ask is for an indication of when Valk ends, because it feels like it ends randomly. Unless you changed it already. Also, I noticed that the numbers that countdown Valk's duration is gone. Why? Also, anyone else would like the numbers to return? Onto Resurrect.

I don't want my first post to be a long one, and Resurrect does seem to have a ton of problems. But I'm here to help improve it, so here's how I and many others seem to want. Make it instant within Valk. It's suppose to be everything but done better, but it does not at all affect Valkyrie, which is pretty bad to me. I also think making it instantaneous would give others a rush, as did the previous Resurrects did. It also is a nice reminder of her old ultimate. If there's the whole 'we can't stop her from swooping in thing and rezzing' about this, then I guess leave Guardian Angel as it currently is in Valk. Or, if instant Resurrect isn't an option anymore, tone down the cast time for it during Valk. I feel the least you could do is that, as it would sorta make it "better" as her ultimate is suppose to make it be. Perhaps make the cast time 1 second? 1 second and a quarter? Whichever you Devs will think will fit, but I am still a fan of the instant rez idea.

That's really all I'll cover for Valk. I'd ask for a tiny buff on her pistol to have some fun but, uh, that ended poorly last time. For the enemy team, any way. But here's some random Mercy things that I have lingering around my head. Maybe slice of life things?

When she ults, Valkyrie makes her wings a glowing gold. Is there a reason why her wings, based on the skin-equipped, can't be different colors? Is it because how she'd appear toward the enemy team (isn't her wings orange for them or something?). This isn't a problem, but it was a random question I'd like the answer too. Also, cause maybe blue non-nano-boosted Valkyrie wings might be pretty.

One last thing, about her Resurrect (outside Valk). This is just a crazy goose idea, so I rather you not take it seriously but it's food for thought. What if you could see the silhouette of your teammate slowly build up in sync with your hand? Or see their health restore up? I've seen some people that got shot-down that suggested if Resurrect made players come back without full health. Not to say I agree or disagree, but for those people maybe this could go with it? Ah, one last question cause I got ahead of myself here. What if Resurrect (outside Valk) did make others get revived without full health, but during Valkyrie they got restored to full(therefore Valk further does 'better' her kit)? Just tossing out random ideas. Food for thought people, food for thought.
And another Mercy topic locked.... sigh. All I know is we won't and can't be silenced about this absurd nerf to Mercy.
01/30/2018 01:29 PMPosted by Widzo
Please try to see the Valkyrie rework didn't have the desired effect and try something else.
Sincerely, most Mercy mains


I believe I have a solution, please look at some of my post referring to Mercy, how I believe we can fix Mercy especially if we were to revert to the old Mercy Ultimate 1.0

As a Mercy main myself, I wholeheartedly agree.
Mercy is just useless at the Moment, nothing else. There is not a single reason to take Mercy over Moira.
1.0 is better than 2.0. Keep post more "RevertMercy or RevertMercyAlive, RevertMercyAgain"
Mercy mains salty
02/12/2018 02:21 AMPosted by cola
Can you play her in your next 10 matches?

Have been. I like her.

More than that though, I enjoy playing against her now. I also like having her on my team. Not as much as before, but she was OP and broken before.

As for Junkrat, I play a lot of Junkrat. So you're not going to get anything but hostility from me if you mention nerfs, but I expect that from you about mercy. Just not to the exclusion of discussing things.

Not to be weird but... I see that you did play her about 2 hours ago for the first time in months.

I notice you had 19 deaths that game.

Did you have fun? Did you feel like you could really sway the game in your teams favour?
Revert Mercy then fix the SR gains, and make her not invulnerable while ulting easy, problem solved, or you can continue to kill your own character. at 1.0 she was never a must pick, and if a dps can get a 5 man kill then mercy desereves to get a 5 men rez sometimes. This is not just another call of duty fps this is a team strategy game, and if the enemy can't figure out how to stop mercy rezzing five people, and gett butthurt then they should go back to fortnite, and other trash.
Valkyrie isn't a bad ultimate. You have a beam for each teammate. That's like giving your team 4 extra Mercy's, essentially making team fights 10v6 for 15 seconds.
Now that Valkyrie's speed has been reduced, it's effectiveness (and fun factor) can be increased again. Mercy can be killed a bit easier now, so at least make Mercy players feel like they can do something with their ult rather than just run away.

Please consider these:
-Mercy's speed in Valkyrie is increased to her regular speed while using guardian angel.
-Her guardian angel's speed in Valkyrie is unchanged.
-Her abilities are more powerful while Ulting, but they stay single-target. Prefer damage, increase her blaster and her booster's power more than increasing her heals.
-Her resurrect while in Valkyrie is instant OR almost instant.

And well, because i want Mercy to have a chance at Play of the Game, or just want to give her some kind of mechanic that makes her more fun to play:
-While in Valkyrie, Mercy's takedowns reduce the cooldown of resurrect greatly, while her kill assists reduce it by a small amount.

Heck, she'll still be beginner-friendly, but experienced players who dare to make aggressive plays will have even more fun playing her.
I just hope this is seen by someone who can influence development...
Have been. I like her.

More than that though, I enjoy playing against her now. I also like having her on my team. Not as much as before, but she was OP and broken before.

As for Junkrat, I play a lot of Junkrat. So you're not going to get anything but hostility from me if you mention nerfs, but I expect that from you about mercy. Just not to the exclusion of discussing things.
You have 3 hours total on Mercy, so I doubt you really took the time to sit down, digest her kit and analyze your gameplay, so let me tell you as someone who played her all the time: Her healing alone isn't enough to warrant usefulness, and she has no other utility to offer (besides Damage Boosting, at the cost of not healing at all). As you play Junkrat, I also highly doubt you deal with the Valkyrie'd Mercy when you play, soo the fact that she has such little impact is probably why you like playing against her. You'd rather see Valkyrie than an EMP, Gravaton, Rocket Barrage, Sound Barrier... Literally anything else. And you like having her on your team, sure, because any healer is nice to have on your team. Who doesn't like having a dedicated healer?

Downvotes aren't saying "Don't discuss!", they're saying "We disagree." You literally just said you would give exclusive hostility were your hero to receive such changes and nerfs, so how is that any different from what Mercy players are doing? She wasn't even broken or overpowered in her original state. The reasons put forward for her rework were flawed, due to the SR gain system, not her kit. Hide and Rez was ineffective, but got you free SR.

Junkrat OP and Hanzo OP are opinions.
A person can whine and complain about heroes and have an opinion, yeah. But the Overwatch Team can also look at data and discern that a hero is able to influence a team to victory too well, as they did with the Junkrat tuning. Hanzo isn't even considered overpowered, it's that Scatter isn't a key component of his kit and the consensus like it gives too much reward for too little cost and input. It's just a regular ability and can instakill tanks for relatively low mechanical demand.

Mercy had a 95%+ play-rate. She was on both teams almost every game, and in the 2% of games that didn't have a mercy on one team, that team almost always lost. Mercy being OP and making everyone who didn't play her, and more than a few people who did, miserable was not an opinion. It was a fact.
Nobody who played her wanted her to be changed. Only people with the tempers of xQc wanted it, and their reasons were faulty -- he clearly didn't understand the hero. He demanded Mercy to hide and Rez, even though that tactic was the best way to Defeat. It was an ineffective strategy that severely lowered Mercy's potential. Actively healing and Resurrecting 1-3 key targets in a fight was usually the best way to go -- save for a Gravaton, or a full team kill you see coming. If anything, her lack of teamfight potential was reason to give her an E ability. Instead, we got a rework that destroyed the character we loved broke the meta for half a year.

02/12/2018 02:38 AMPosted by Arandmoor
Any change on the level of Mercy's rework is going to shake up her fan-base. People are going to find that they don't like the new Mercy. On the bright side, there are 25 other characters for those players to try out, and 25 more chances for them to find one that they like.
We found our favorite, we found or reason to love Overwatch, our more casual hero who's a dedicated and pure healer. The best part of her was broken and destroyed, and we're told to get over it. No other hero in the game even comes close to how Mercy felt to play, and it's been causing me to play less and less Overwatch. She wasn't the only hero I played, she was just my favorite. "Moving on" to another hero won't change the fact that the playstyle we loved has been trashed, from underpowered and fun to overpowered and boring, nerfed all the way down to balanced and monotonous. Her base kit is still super enjoyable, but everything past that is a constant reminder of how amazing she used to be.

02/12/2018 02:38 AMPosted by Arandmoor
Any change on the level of Mercy's rework is going to shake up her fan-base.
I would almost enjoy having another beloved hero be reworked into a boring playstyle and hear all these same arguments cycle through. Take their character, absolutely rip away their iconic features, replace it with a lazy-feeling makeshift-frankenstein's-monster Ultimate that has no sense of satisfaction, and tell them to "get over it" because "we believe (s)he's in a good place" and "(s)he's not unplayable". Our character was destroyed, and unlike games with terrible sequels, we can't even play the originals by ourselves for our own enjoyment.

02/12/2018 02:38 AMPosted by Arandmoor
Make sure you're not defending them too hard because they don't actually care about Mercy. They just care about being OP.

They are on your side at the moment. Don't forget that.
That's straight up a contradiction. Very few people on these forums care whether she's under or over powered -- We care about enjoying our favorite character, Mercy. If she had even less impact than she currently does but felt absolutely amazing to play, it would be a FAR better state than she is right now. While people haven't been toxic towards me when I tried Mercy out post-nerf, I would rather take rude players than a terrible rework.
Ok, now, i state that i'm not a pro player of Overwatch, neither a pro Mercy player, but i'll try to make things as clear as possible (thought my english is not perfect).

I've been playing since the beginning (Not the Alpha, but some months after the beta has been released, 1 or 2 months) and what i've found out about Overwatch is that it is a very unique game with very particular mechanics, that once you get in most of the times you'll get wrapped by the illimited numbers of possibilities that this game can give to you, and i'm talking about everything, starting from Soldier 76 ultimate, to symmetra Portal ability and shield.

The thing that always made me play this game was in one side the possibility to play a very vast number of heroes (thought they are not many, but it always feels new and refreshing to play an hero, at least in my opinion) and to FEEL every single hero just for how it has been designed.
God, i love the design of this game, and althought there are many heroes that i still hate (like junkrat because i'm noob) i always love the feel to be into this game with so unique characters.

Now, moving onto Mercy. Mercy...she's the first hero that i've ever played, and since the beginning i've always, ALWAYS had a lot of fun, jus because she is so cool to play, and even if many Pros disagree about her initial ult strenght god, i felt like she was amazing to use, and a lot SATISFIYING to play.

Now, moving some months ahead, a post made from a dev gave everyone panic.
Someone loved this updates, someone did not. Mercy was going to be changed and so her playstyle (for most of the skills, in fact many Mercys could not hide behind a wall anymore to get a ress and save the game).

This was cool in part, because balance was finally made, and in part not, because (this is my thought) one of the most Iconic characters of the game just changed from Mercy to a Totally Regular Medic.
The point that i want to discuss about (to make this shorter) is that OK Blizz, you made a change to something that PROS (i think most of the changes are made by what pros think about a specific hero, and after many arguments) now really appreciate, i guess? Now Mercy may be the most balanced support here (although i think that the last change just kinda killed her, both defensive Mercys and Offensive Mercys) but you forgot one thing.
A game is not composed by PROS only, and i am one of those players who just plays this game for fun. The fact that made me post this post is that since the update i'm not having FUN like i used to, and trust me i'm not one of those mercys hiding behind the corners, waiting for the enemies to kill your entire team to then get in, res 5 people and get POTG. I'm one of those players who just appreciates something for what it is, and ATM i'm not playing mercy with the Adrenaline i used to have when i used to play her, but instead i feel like A Totally Regular Medic, whose only purpose is to keep an eye on my allies, sometimes ult...sometimes ress someone...yeah, totally regular.

Once and for all, my opinion is not that i'm against every change that you want to make, i'm OK for everything you do, but by doing things like this you just make something NOT UNIQUE, but TOTALLY REGULAR. We're talking about balance of heroes, about an healer that can UNFAIRLY resurrect a whole team, when there are DPSES, TANKS and even OTHER SUPPS that can 2v6 a team just by doing a phara+zarya ult.
Is this regular to a normal FPS? Maybe not, and IT MUST BE LIKE THIS!!!
My thought is that Overwatch HAS to be BALANCED, but not to be taken and compared to another normal FPS, because OVERWATCH IS NOT! I've not seen many FPSES (maybe i'm wrong because i don't know the names, but the only one that comes to my mind is Paladins) letting an hero change entirely a game by just ulting but because Overwatch is PARTICULAR!

I don't want this game to become a serious gray sky where you just fly and yeah, wander around, i want this game to SHINE like it used to be, and i'm not saying to take back mercy's ult, because maybe this is not even possible, but please, STOP THIS !@#$%^- CHAIN OF CHANGES, i hate to see good things come to an end just because "NORMALITY".

I may be wrong in many ways, but this is my thought.

I just want to play for fun. And now, i'm not having fun.
Good way to tweak old mass rez

Remove all the invulnerability, that way we go back to the suicide rez which combined with positioning advantage makes 5 man rez undesireable and only a last ditch effort of a player who avoided the Grav combo

While doing this we lower the effect of rez significantly, and reduce it enough to warrant finally getting an actual E ability, there's numerous floating around the forums I don't think I need to list them out again, unless someone wants a list
After playing some more Mercy I think the biggest problem is that her ultimate is incredibly underwhelming. On paper it might seem powerful to have a Mercy beam for all teammates (in the rare event everyone is clustered together), but I don't think anyone can honestly say that's enough to prevent teammates from dying. We've all out damaged someone being healed by a Mercy beam. Where Zen and Lucio can actually counter some enemy ults, Mercy can't.

As a result Mercy's ult isn't an "ultimate," its just a 15 second buff to her normal ability with added flight. There is nothing game changing about it. While it isn't useless it's far from impressive. Worst of all, it's boring. You feel no impact from your play. There is no great move to make or skill to use. You just float out of enemy fire and occasionally switch beams.

Mercy needs something to make her ult more engaging and not just 15 seconds of Mercy+.
I’ve taken some time to let this nerf sink in and though this may never be read or considered, why not throw it out there on the small chance it does.

If Mercy must stay the way she is currently, please consider increasing the range of ressurect only during Valkyrie. Currently there is no connection between Valkyrie and ressurect, Valkyrie is supposed to enhance all of Mercy’s abilities but it doesn’t enhance res at all, and while I understand res is an extremely powerful ability on it’s own it’s decently hard to use especially in a team fight. The other thing is that since there is no benifit to ressing during Valkyrie it’s a waste of the healing/damage boost potential to res during ult and a huge risk. A slight range increase would help Mercy stay alive while casting res during Valkyrie and give her more options for using the ultimate, as it currently feels lacklustre and overshadowed by others.

Another possible option is to increase the healing per second and damage boost on her main beam during Valkyrie, giving Valkyrie more pocket potential and the Mercy player has more options when teammates are going critical even with group healing.

(Also if there’s any chance in hell we can get like 5% of that guardian angel speed back during Valkyrie, pretty please with a cherry on top, I hate always being the same speed)
02/12/2018 04:26 AMPosted by glenmorangie
02/12/2018 03:13 AMPosted by Estranhow

There's not a single good idea to tweak old mass rez that wouldn't either keep the same hide-and-rez strat or make it useless.

Why not? Explain...

People always say, "These ideas are terrible!" But they never explain why. Meanwhile, most of us here explain our butts off regarding the same repeated questions as to why Mercy isn't fun anymore and ways to fix that.

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