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Mercy Mains ask for Reverts because new mercy is "boring"?
Yes, because old Mercy that stands behinds walls and waits for the team to die was very entertaining.
anyone asking for team rez mercy back is actually retarded, Im sorry.

This is probably the best thing that can happen to overwatch, Mercy has been a must pick in this video game since Day 1, every team comp had a mercy in it, because why not? She has an ability that literally undoes any impact an enemy hero made. "Oh X hero is dead wait nvm they got rez." very common phrase we all know and love right? yeah no.

Mercy in general is a boring hero, so boring that you can actually make her healing toggle-able so you don't even have to hold left click down, you just stand there, that's it! YOU JUST STAND THERE! she was never "fun" to play the only thing ever fun about mercy is her Ult passive that lets her fly infinity into the sky but this is actually an indirect buff for widowmaker making her more viable in team comps.

Its funny seeing team comps now that mercy isn't a must pick, no one knows how to play, all these high level players look like chickens with their heads cut off without mercy there for them.
I'm gonna quote my close friend here, hope he doesn't mind it.

"Just checked the forums. Changes got pushed to live, no tweaks, no iterations, no response from 6200+ feedback. What is the point of the PTR or the forums in general? Good thing I uninstalled before this.
Sad. So much time invested into Overwatch for nothing."

Please, give us back the old Mercy.

Rez will always make people unhappy. Give her something else instead she can actually use more than 4 times in the game. It makes incredibly boring gameplay and now her ult has basically no impact. Give her a more significant healing boost in ult at least, like more HPS. Remove rez and give her an ability that is not brokenly OP or brokenly boring.
May I say some things?

Even though this nerf is, erm, bad, it isn't the end of the world. I just adapt my playstyle to not use the ult. Last night, I was Mercy, as a joke, got a card for 60% participation and almost forgot to ult. That goes to say that Valkyrie, right now, is entirely useless and has a small impact. Even before this patch, Valkyrie wasn't very impacting. Yes you did have an extra resurrect and increased mobility but what else? You couldn't do much other than hover while you heal allies. At least Zenyatta can't be shot at.

In my opinion, an ultimate with the name like Valkyrie should behave like one. Not as a cushion for a push.

Resurrect on a cooldown was, and still is, a mistake. I hope we learned that. Now the problem is trying to balance it as one.

Thank you for reading this.
01/30/2018 01:25 PMPosted by Marsu
Please try to see the Valkyrie rework didn't have the desired effect and try something else. Mercy 2.0 just gets so boring to play.
Sincerely, most Mercy mains


Go away. The fact that you want her reverted proves that you do not want a balanced hero.


We see that
Pretty much everyone said that this whole rework and especially this nerf is a huge mistake

Playing with Mercy no feels like:
LMB until you can press Q, press Q, LMB until Ult runs out, repeat

Yea, you turned Mercy away from her rezz without deleting it, gj, but also you deleted every variety this hero has to offer.. well.. had to offer

"Everyone"? You do NOT speak for me! I'd rather have this Mercy than the old hide and rez BS.

Clearly you can’t read. He/She said, “pretty much everyone”, which means the majority of Overwatch players. Also before you talk about balancing take a long look at junkrat and his ultimate.
Hi, 500 hour Mercy main here. Please realize that the true reason many of us are upset is that the fun, engaging aspects of her ult have been completely removed.

I loved how game-changing and impactful the old Rez ultimate felt. I also really liked Valkyrie when it first came out. You could still rez, but you had to be smart with it and time it with cooldowns while darting among teammates. It raised the skill cap, had impact, and encouraged Mercy to stay with the team. But after all these nerfs, we are left with only slow flight and left/right click. Valk now is boring, and Mercy is very different from what we were originally promised in her rework. The developer update said that you wanted the rework to be fun too for the Mercy players, but with no response to feedback and no iterations to her nerfs in PTR, I feel like we are being completely ignored. I understand the need for nerfs with her being such a must-pick, but I just wish you could balance her in a way that didn't make her so lackluster to play.
It has been leaked, in the next overwatch comic they show that both Jeffs are the mastermind behind Talon and they !#$€ and murder mercy, so they can finally erase her from the rooster.
!#$€ = not treat her kindly.
01/31/2018 08:53 AMPosted by BIĜNAMĔ
Mercy Mains ask for Reverts because new mercy is "boring"?
Yes, because old Mercy that stands behinds walls and waits for the team to die was very entertaining.

Mercy that stands behind walls is kind of our only option right now. Anything else and our slowdown is just going to get us killed.
Back at release day she used to be underpowered, easy to kill but also fun to play, it's not like her being OP made it better for us either. Hence the call for the revert.
"Toxicity is down 17 percent in overwatch"

Right. That must be why I am getting ra-pe threats from people if I chose mercy after her nerfs, right?

01/31/2018 08:33 AMPosted by DrPizza
Why is this forum so full of hatred? Reading what others have wrote is kind of shocking to me. The amount of disrespect towards the devs is immense. I mean, you guys are saying they won't even read this thread, when they read almost every single forum here.

Are you serious ?

They've closed COUNTLESS threads, and had at least 2 megathreads (I assume they've had one for each though) from my immediate memory of the 6 nerfs they've given Mercy.

None of which has warranted a change to the PTR when pushed to live, it didn't even warrant a comment. The most attention the feedback is getting is closing the negative threads on the main forum and funneling them to this echo chamber they've kindly set up
Hi guys,

No matter how I look at it, Resurrect still looks like an ability too strong to have in the first seconds of the round. Before, many players that played recklessly and died too fast, would be punished for it (and that would teach them to play properly hopefully). But now we have a reckless player screaming at the Mercy player for ress, an annoyed Mercy player being yelled at, and one frustrated enemy who got a kill but won't get any advantage from it.

So, to keep both Valkyrie and Resurrection, I thought about one Mercy rework. This obviously won't make it to the game, but I want to know what you guys think about it. Here it goes:


Valkyrie is now an E ability. Resurrect is now an Ultimate ability.

  • Valkyrie
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Grants Mercy 1 second of invulnerability during activation.
    When activated mercy has 3 seconds of free flight.
    Starts with one charge of invulnerability. (of a max of 3)
    Invulnerability charges are attained by resurrecting teammates.

    Develop- My Comments: Mercy is not an easy target while with the team, she can jump around and get to safety near a teammate when under attack. But once there is no teammate in sight, or she gets cornered, it's over for her. This new Valkirye would give her one little chance to escape. She would have a few seconds to try to get to a corner and jump to a teammate. Also, the invulnerability period interacts with her ultimate.

  • Resurrect
  • Resurrect now has five charges.
    Each charge is attained by filling the ultimate meter.
    Casting Resurrect depletes all charges.
    Whenever a Teammate is successfully resurrected, Mercy gains one charge of invulnerability for the Valkyrie skill.

    My Comments: The first resurrection should not be instant, as it is currently, but it could be fast. The charges after the first one could be slightly harder to fill. This would make the Mercy player to keep thinking about whether to ress or save the charges. For example, five charges on Mercy should be harder to get than Zarya's ult, but two or three charges should be available about the same time of a DPS ult. This could be tweaked. Also, the are of effect of the Ultimate should be slightly smaller than the original Ultimate. So, even if Mercy has three or four charges, they would have to use all of it for the nearby dead teammates, even if there is only one or two. Lastly, the Ultimate doesn't give invulnerability, that would be given by the Valkyrie. Leaving it to the skill of the player to cast it in the appropriate time.

    So, that's it. I tried to keep it as balanced as possible, but I'm obviously not working with gaming development, so I may be missing something. What you guys think?
    01/31/2018 09:02 AMPosted by SaintBoot
    "Toxicity is down 17 percent in overwatch"

    So they increased it, because it was too small xd
    So I know this will probably get buried buuuuut.....here is my feedback and opinion regarding the Mercy nerfs!
    Now let me preface this with saying that I am not a Mercy Main. I played her quite a bit this last season because I believe in swapping to help my team over actually playing my favorite heroes (off heals with Lucio, Zen, or Moira) but I am friends with quite a few Mercy mains!

    I do believe that some of the changes put forth were positive such as decreasing the duration of her Ultimate. Even while playing Mercy there would be situations where we've already won the team fight and I'm just flying around like an idiot waiting for the Ult to end, so that was a phenomenal call.

    I think the double nerf of not only her movement ability + the cast time while in Valk are what everyone is throwing a fit over, which I get. She's not fun to play at all. She moves like a brick with wings and is highly vulnerable in the event you're up against literally anyone who can aim.

    So~! Here are my suggestions!

    Suggestion 1
    Keep Rez an ability but make it an earned one. Basically, a secondary ultimate that can be achieved after a certain amount of healing, or time, or damage boosted, or whatever. Honestly, the conditions of it can be totally up to the developers but it can take one of the most powerful abilities in the game and at least turn it into something where good players will know how to earn it faster than lower elo players. Make it instant again or at least a shorter cast time (.75 would be reasonable) since it would function more like a mini-ult.
    I mean, it's been a mini-ult since the initial rework but it's never been fully treated as one and that's where the problem was.

    Suggestion 2
    Or how about we just ditch rez all together? I know lore and all that nonsense but just about everyone agrees that rez is almost impossible to balance and it doesn't seem like we're anywhere near close to making people happy. Turn Mercy into a highly mobile hero and amp up her heals a bit more while in Valk. Take away the movement reduction in the recent nerf and basically give her an Ult like Zenyatta in which she has the chance (but not guaranteed) to help her team live through a fight or initiate one.

    Required w/Suggestion 1 or 2
    OK, now this has been a problem since the start with the Mercy rework. The moth can't be killed while she's in Valk and Blizzard determined that the best way to do this was to slow her down.
    Buuuut...I disagree with this method. How about we fix her tiny insect sized hitbox and make it so her self-healing can be interrupted? Give her the movement and slingshot potential for high level Mercys who are good with their mobility control but also make it so those who can aim aren't cucked when they hit what appear to be direct shots on her.
    I've seen so many high tier McCrees, Soldiers, Bastions, and more totally frustrated by shooting at this bright firefly in the sky only to find out that "No, sorry friend....her hitbox doesn't really count there and she's already self-healed up!"

    As a Support main who has put their time in on Mercy for the good of the team and totally understands and respects both sides (DPS who hate her, Supports who love her) I'm really hoping my suggestions will get a look over. I'm thrilled to be able to actually play my mains in competitive again but my heart breaks for my friends struggling and being attacked for picking their hero. I went through that prior to this nerf whenever I'd lock Lucio and be told to go Mercy instead and I don't wish that on anyone.
    We all love this game and I hate the idea of people getting attacked for simply doing what they love.
    I usually do not post under this "we care about feedback"-threads. But this time I'll do it. I got 341 hours on this hero you just ruined, after one complete rework and 4 nerfs.

    The rework was okay, although it felt like learning a complete new hero in the first hours. What was the reason for the rework?

    "She felt unfun to play against" - that's what you told us. So you stated, she wasn't OP in any way at 1.0 - you just changed her without any valid reason.

    Oh, and maybe ask the community - I guess there are many ults which it's unfun to play against.

    Okay, we accepted it and managed to play with the broken rework. (I agree it was broken). The first three nerfs were fine and it was "easy" to play with them.

    But what you did yesterday by pushing this called "nerf" to live, feels like Mercy 3.0. It's not a nerf. It doesn't matter anymore if you ult as Mercy or if you keep your ult the whole game. It feels like a second rework with which you force us to put our main into a locker - finally - and never look back.


    1. We have the cast-time on rez (which in fine in the non-ult state) in ult and without it.
    2. We have the movement reduction (also fine in non ult-state) in both.
    3. You reduced the flight speed, so it's waay too easy to kill her in her ultimate now, you also reduced the self healing.

    So what's the point of ulting when I can't rez in a teamfight anymore because it would be suicide? And the increased healing/boosting doesn't help when getting killed instantly.

    I played some competitive matches today and still picked Mercy, because I just like her (although playing her is boring now).
    You know what happened? I got called a thrower because I picked Mercy. Seems like something is going into the wrong direction.

    #RevertMercy - and do what you promise: Listen to your community, No one called her OP as Mercy 1.0 (or asked for a rework) it's not that hard to admit you did a mistake. You are devs but still humans.
    01/31/2018 08:22 AMPosted by StitcheryDoo
    Borderline imcompetant you say? Then why at even the highest levels of play is Mercy's valk able to quite single-handedly win a fight?

    I'm really tired of hearing this kind of nonsense be spouted so just for fun I'm going to start calling people out on their bull rhetoric.

    I watched a video from youtube once and in it the youtuber and a Lucio pushed the car the rest of the way to the first point on Dorado and he said "Me and Lucio just solo-capped that." It was not a SOLO-cap because it was two people. Likewise, Mercy does not "single-handedly win any fight with Valk." It may be Valkyrie alone that gives her team the opportunity to turn the fight around, but it is still her team that pushes the enemy team back.

    In your Boston vs. Seoul example, did the Mercy after using Valkyrie and ressing proceed to get 2-3 kills and then apply enough pressure to make the remaining ones retreat? No, her resurrected teammates did that, with some additional support from her in the form of healing and/or damage boosting. So no, she did not do it "single-handedly." Would they have stopped the push without Mercy? Probably not, but neither would she have stopped the push on her own.

    You might say I'm splitting hairs on words, but when people use over-the-top rhetoric like that all it does is muddy the issue and encourage others to respond with the same or with anger. In other words, it's not constructive. There are better, more accurate ways to get your point across than over exaggerating it.

    For the record, my stance on these nerfs is in the middle. Yes, she was overpowered in her previous state and in need of a nerf. Her pick rate alone was evidence of that, alongside the mounds of anecdotal evidence to go with it. (Though the whole "if they have a mercy and we don't, we lose" is a lie because I've won without a mercy on my team, and lost against a mercy-less team.) However, I think the nerfs they enacted went too far. It doesn't change her non-ult gameplay almost at all, but it makes her ultimate underwhelming. It does still have it's uses, but they aren't that many.

    When they first added Valkyrie, their defense of it was they wanted her ultimate to still be impactful. Her new watered-down ultimate, while not as over powered as it was, really has very little impact. I'm sure that, given time, people will discover how to make the most of it. But even then it will just be underwhelming at best, I think.
    01/31/2018 08:14 AMPosted by BONERMAN5000
    Mercy mains should be happy. They can finally walk away from their Mercy chains You are free.

    It isn't so black/white. It's a game. Like any game we play to have fun. SHE ISN'T FUN. Her ult isn't fun and to counter that, it doesn't even have an impact (which is part of what makes playing a character....fun).

    She was a fun character with valk and the double rez, high mobility (I understand OP and she did need a nerf), however it has gone too far. Blizzard has sucked out the fun of playing this hero to nothing more than a healbot whose only saving grace is her mobility during her normal play of GA. Currently that is the only part of her that is fun left.

    I don't think any Mercy player is thinking "man, I wish we needed a Mercy 100% of the time!" At least, not most. Ideally I'd like her to be just as effective and fun as any other healer and vice versa. Currently she isn't. Also I wasn't happy when she overshadowed Ana/Lucio and became meta.
    All you had to do was give a cast time on rez 1.0 if you didn't want the "wait till everyone dies hide and rez". Now we're stuck with... This.
    01/31/2018 08:59 AMPosted by Marsu
    01/31/2018 08:53 AMPosted by BIĜNAMĔ
    Mercy Mains ask for Reverts because new mercy is "boring"?
    Yes, because old Mercy that stands behinds walls and waits for the team to die was very entertaining.

    Mercy that stands behind walls is kind of our only option right now. Anything else and our slowdown is just going to get us killed.
    Back at release day she used to be underpowered, easy to kill but also fun to play, it's not like her being OP made it better for us either. Hence the call for the revert.

    she has never been underpowered, I dont think you get how a team resurrect is actually more OP than a single rez, I also think you are forgetting that they buffed old mercy to be invincible during her Rez because Mercy mains once again complained about how her Ult is under powered.

    Mercy literally changes the entire tide of a battle with a single rez, with the team rez she actually RESETS the entire battle in favor of her team in most cases because the enemy is still healing/used Ults from the previous fight.

    But wait your answer to their team rez is wait for it.... YOUR OWN MERCY TEAM REZ. right? see how boringly defining mercy makes the game. she needs this nerf, she needs to be played less its just a fact im sorry.
    01/30/2018 01:21 PMPosted by Tom Powers

    We appreciate your feedback, as it will assist us and provide insight on improving your Overwatch experience.

    Thank you.

    A 30 second cooldown on any other hero would absolutely not be accepted by anyone.
    Originally, you guys kept giving her all these buffs such as invincibility period, GA reset, and faster charging ult, etc. Later, when the mob starting coming for mercy, instead of simply reverting some of those buffs, you guys stripped her of her ult and turned her into this abomination.
    I think it would be best to revert mercy back to day one and go from there.

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