How do I carry if I cant play dps or tank.

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You can't carry in this game, or at least you're not supposed to be able to, and that's why teams like Dynasty are dominating on the OWL. Not by superior "1337 skillz" but by superior teamwork.

So, stop trying to carry, pick your character and work as a team looking for victory, not glory.
Since season 4 I have played either mercy, rein, zen, ana or dps if needed. Went from 2001 to 2500 season 4, then didnt play season 5 and in season 6 played from 2200 to 3000. Always mercy, and if someone asked for mercy filled with either of those picks.

My recommendations are: As mercy you need to always give health before dmg boosting, dont ress if there is even a chance of getting killed. Get those heals from the tanks and charge that ult fast, dmg boost that soldier/mccree/junkrat that are in highground, they charge ult faster and you too. Always dmg boost mini, she gets the mech faster that way. Use the SPACE key for keeping yourself alive and stay within 2 groups of your team so you don't get picked.

As Zen and Ana you need to keep yourself between the backline and frontline. If you are too far back you will get picked by that flanker really easy. If you are near a tank you have better survivability. As zen, save that ult for a teamfight were you see mercy dying or someone from you team that is ulting dying. Also for zarya ults. As Ana, always ult that genji/soldier/rein that is ulting, better dps for everyone.

As rein always keep your shield up, dont try to run in, if you charge, charge to the side or a nearby door. Always have your game sounds up for that high noon, nerf this, so you can protect your supports/dps. But remember your are a shield and a team, not a crazy german juggernaut.

As dps, you do you, but remember to never ask for healing behind enemy lines (some mercys will try to heal you and die in the process), always stay in sight for that zen heal or ana heal. Ult with your team, you may think that playing genji and ulting is a GG for that point, but most times your team wont ult with you if you dont maintain your comms open.

After all that, you can pick what you want, 3 dps, 3 tanks, but if its not working try and help the lacking part, not give more dps. Dps is not always the solution. Sometimes picking that mercy in the other team with winston or D.Va will win the game.
You stop going into matches with the expectation to carry.

It's pretty simple really, if you know you won't perform as a tank or healer, don't play them. Everyone feels like DPS carry, but they really can't.

So even if noone picks the classes needed to win, don't let it sway you. Tanks are the most reliable carry, so you'll only drag your team down if you lose the game of "dps chicken" and swap to something you are weak at. You might lose a point or a round, but eventually someone on your team who wants to win more will relent and make the swap first. THAT is the person most likely to carry, because they most want to win.

So then comes the tricky part: once someone on your team DOES swap to tank or healer, you put 1000% of your energy into pocketing the HELL out of them! Make them not regret swapping off dps! Make all your positioning, target prioritization, and peeling decisions entirely on what that tank wants to do. They are the pivot, you coordinate with them, and you suddenly become the person on your team that knows how to play DPS properly. How to play DPS best!

EDIT: Oh... you said CAN'T play DPS. Not used to someone who only plays support. Well, its harder then, but read this advice anyways. And pocket your tanks. Pocket whichever DPS coordinate with your tanks. If you keep your tanks up, and your tanks keep to the objective, then you've done the best job you can possibly do.

EDIT2: Oh wait
I was reading cant as in literally unable. Yeah nevermind the first edit then. Stow that "i gotta play a class I am bad at or else we lose" talk. Nobody wants to lose, so trust your teammates to make the swap first. You'll only gurantee the loss if your teammates rely on you to do a job you know you are bad at.
01/22/2018 02:40 PMPosted by NotLevi
I recently noticed that every game I lose is because im having to fill with healers or tanks i'm not especially good at.... How are we excpected to rank up and carry if all were forced to play is healer ;-;
well, we have seen pros and master level players play healer and carry maybe your not helping enough with phara maybe you havent gotten enough sleep darts

I average around 4 to 5k dmg as mcree but ive notice looking at moon moon and other streamers they average around 8k to 10k dmg were just not there yet
If you think that you can only play a hero like Genji...then the odds are that you probably don't play Genji that well either and you're not doing anyone favors, including yourself.
Zenyatta and mercy are your best bet. Any good mercy main can carry simply by staying alive and reviving at the right time. Zenyatta can discord, nuff said
Healers are the only characters that can truly carry. DPS just think they carried not realizing they were pocket healed the whole match and wouldn't have survived without a healer.

Zens can actually carry on their own tho if they aren't being countered
01/22/2018 05:14 PMPosted by gameofmikey
Healers are the only characters that can truly carry. DPS just think they carried not realizing they were pocket healed the whole match and wouldn't have survived without a healer.

Zens can actually carry on their own tho if they aren't being countered

Actually I want OP to take YOUR advice, just so he does it for 100+ hrs and only moves up like 100 points.

We new gen gamers can NEVER be satisfied OR happy and neither can Overwatch, this game was made for us millennials in mind.
What people constantly SOMEHOW fail to realize is this is a team game. It is not about carrying. It is about teamwork and communication skills. The players who coordinate with their team the best climb. The players who focus on their gold medals and "carrying harder" do not.
Started this game as platinum, had a hard time when I got back, stuck to silver, now I'm carrying myself back playing the key meta : mercy.

Spot the must pick,

Looked at the teamfights, if you go in a game without a mercy your win chances drop. If mercy is on the other side. It's over unless they suck really bad

It's a team game, better chances just by being more on a teamfight. Keep everyone alive, so team output max dps to the other team. 6v5 quickly become 6v4, etc

Learn how to escape, how to boost certain heroes at key times.

Use ult to secure an important teamfight

And, avoid dying

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