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Remember how good it felt to do this and get POTG for it? Remember how happy your team was for doing it?
All I really remember are the 5 resses that accomplished literally nothing as the entire team immediately re-wiped.
Rez for ult was better than every second of general gameplay revolving around it.
Wow look at that game sense. Flying in a 20m per second, pressing Q then you're invincible. 200iq
I notice you *this person* was hiding behind a pillar waiting for a big rez, almost like that thing that is the whole reason bliz did the rework.
All I remember was the Mercy on our team screaming at us to all die on point while she hid behind a corner :(

Then our team immediately getting slaughtered 2 seconds after rez.
Typical. I ask for Mercy main only so we could remember the good old days and all the downvote !@#$%s come out to play.
As a mercy main, I hate old mercy rez as an ultimate, hope they never revert.
Mercy is my 2nd most played hero, I think i count for this

I miss the big rez
01/27/2018 02:08 PMPosted by MagyTheMage
Mercy is my 2nd most played hero, I think i count for this

I miss the big rez

and that amazing voice line also.
It was marvelous! Sinfully delicious!

.... At least the ones that were timed appropriately X)
I reeally hope they revert it

I hate Valk mercy, Its unfun and stupid, 20 seconds flying just to rez 2 people, she could do that before without this stupid god mode ultimate
It felt wonderful to give my team a second chance, the rare times I got a 4-man Rez. I can’t wait for it to return. I’m holding Jeff to his word. I want Blizzard to be a company that’s big enough to admit their mistakes. Give us a reason to trust you.
I think there is a way to fix Mercy. Been thinking about it for a while.

Rez can now resurrect up to 3 players. But Mercy sacrifices herself to do so.


  • 1.0-1.5 seconds to cast and can be interrupted. (1 sec under Val, 1.5 normally)
    If interrupted, Mercy still dies and cool down begins.
    Increase to range over current range, but not as large as it used to be. Perhaps in the middle to 2/3s of what it was?
    60 second cool down, that starts once she respawns.
    Cool down can be reduced by 30 seconds if Valkyrie is used.
  • Reasoning:

  • Forces Mercy players to think more strategically. You can rez up to 3 of your team mates, but you won't be there to heal them afterwards.
    Makes a Mercy rez viable, but gives the opposite team a better chance to recover against you as the team would be down a healer.
    Slows down the number of Rez attempts per match significantly.
  • I don't know, just some thoughts. We all have them right?

    Game on.
    Yes, I do remember the exhilarating feeling of getting that 5 man rez off, how I miss it...
    Obligatory party crash post
    Probably the most high skill cap hero in the game, actually in any game. You have to pay attention to not just the enemy team, but yourself! That's 12 people you need to keep track of at ALL TIMES that's crazy. You have to make sure your teammates are always on your screen to perform the basic functions of your hero, that's a whole new level of micromanagement! You have to constantly be choosing between healing and damage boosted, no other hero has to be constantly making little decisions at all times, all of which could cost you the entire game. Mercy is a squishy hero, so your positioning has to be on point at all times, you have to constantly be watching for pesky flankers and snipers who can kill you before your self-heal kicks in, that 1 second is make or break. But most of all, her ult is highest skill move in any game. Probably the most skilful thing in the world in fact. The sheer game sense and map knowledge needed to hide in just the right spot. The awareness to know when to pilot Mercy, a squishy healer into danger. The pinpoint accuracy and spatial awareness needed to ensure your finger hits the Q key. This is a new bar in difficulty for video games, and pioneering game design.
    Not really, I miss being in the middle of the fight, healing, boosting, surviving through the chaos to get a clutch 3-4 rez, not hiding off somewhere waiting, I didn’t do that kind of stuff, I’d rather be actively helping my team.
    Being on the giving and receiving end of that as a Mercy main, I don't disagree with it being changed. It extended fights way too long and seemed unfair to be on the flipside. But yes, it was a good feeling for me, of course. Ultimately though, I have enjoyed the rework more and feel more engaged in matches than before; I hated having to hide and do nothing useful. But her impending nerfs have me worried and frankly tired of the constant F'ing with her kit and having to re-adjust to new playstyles constantly. Enough already, you know?
    >OP asks for the opinion of Mercy mains
    >90% of these negative comments are from people who aren't Mercy mains.

    The irony. How the little trolls need their constant attention on every Mercy thread, whether it's wanted or not. The amount of desperation for mercy main attention is hilarious.

    Anyway, that's an amazing play! And yes I miss it dearly. Here's hoping that mass ress comes back to balance out the current mess that she's in right now


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