Why if i disconnect I lose 50 SR and get a temp ban

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even if i reconnect within a minute or never showed any signs of throwing i still am punished
You leaving the match can result in a drastic impact to teammates gameplay.

Potentially loosing a match.

It's widely considered unfair and it's true.

There's your answer.
I am confused... I was pretty sure it was the case... But I believe I was in a match we won recently where someone who DC briefly still gained SR. Still confused over it...
I think it's fair to lose sr if you disconnect at all imo - I always check my ping in the training center before playing comp. If you don't have good ping/rtt, jsut play qp or arcade.

On another note though, I feel like if a team has a leaver, then the teammates who stay till the end should NOT lose any SR, but not gain any, if they lose. And still gain normal SR if they win. It sucks when someone leaves and then we lose and we lose a bunch of SR from getting rolled - it's one of the big reasons i don't play much comp anymore. Too many leavers
If you DC for whatever reason (I've honestly had my cat shut off my computer in the middle of a match before) but come back within that time limit and win you should in no way be punished for it.

Right now if you DC, you're better off chilling for 10 minutes instead of wasting time in a map that already sees you as a "leaver"

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