I5-6400 not enough for overwatch?

Technical Support
Game runs at 60 but stutters a lot, to the point I can't play McCree in comp anymore

CPU usage quite high a lot of the time, cores reaching 40 degrees Celsius
i5 -6400 is enough and whats your graphics card?
6400 has integrated graphics
my graphics is gtx 970
If I can run it on a G3258 an i5 should have no issues. Your temps are well within limits for that chip too so isnt a heat issue
drivers up to date? pcie cable hooked up to card (as opposed to an included adapter cable)? Power mode in desktop display settings set to High Performance?
Nvidia Control Panel -manage 3d settings -global settings -power management mode set to Adaptive & in Program Settings set to Prefer Maximum Performance with Overwatch selected?

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