Serious Question: Has tracer ever been weak?

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At launch. Broken projectile and player hitboxes. Widow could oneshot with 150 dmg bodyshots. GenjI was just infinitally better as a flanker with triple jump, animation cancel dmg combo's and a longer lasting dragonblade.
Tracer is one of those weird outliers, as she gets stronger as other heroes get nerfed even though nothing directly changes with her.

Basically means that when people ask for nerfs because X hero/reason, the biggest issue stems from people not seeing how it will impact the rest of the roster. Pretty much why balancing must be a nightmare, unless Blizzard just says "Toss it!" and just throw the bat around, and see what happens.

I bet it wouldn't end well.
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Triple tank meta.
When people figured Tracer's damage potential, triple tank meta was gone. Long before the Ana nerf. At least the top tier players were using dive when everyone in diamond and below were doing triple tank vs triple tank snoozefest.

She was always strong but due to the mechanical requirements people rarely played her. The same is happening with Doomfist right now. He's in a good spot, but people keep thinking he's trash tier. Meanwhile I'm dominating deathmatch on him and already improve my winrates in competitive, after only 20 hours with him.
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All the time below Masters.

Not knowing how to use an Apache attack helicopter does not make an Apache attack helicopter weak. It means the user isn't trained properly.

I do thank everyone for the input though - thank you for the insight to previous Metas.

Not sure why you're trying to be a smartass. You can't define 'meta' and 'balance' without the context of rank but people just seem to omit this from all the intellectual "BALANCE THE GAME JEFF FFS" arguments.
Sorry, if I came off as a smartass. However, I do think it's a bit silly to complain about something when you can't use it at a reasonable effectiveness. But this is just my opinion, so maybe it's not valid.

Anyways from what I've been gathering Tracer seems more dependant on the metal than average. Perhaps she should not be changed. But if there was a desire to see less Tracer, then the Meta needs to shift - hopefully with small buffs to others over many patches and not drastic nerfs. I think the overwatch team wants to see an immediate change and that requires a big change which isn't always the best solution... This is an entirely different issue.

Thanks to all commenters for their insight!
Tracer will always be strong with Dive due to the nature of her kit. Briefly when the metas were more defense/tank oriented Tracer was not as strong of a pick.

It's an overall game balance issue rather than a power level of Tracer issue IMO.

For instance, if Blizzard put an iota of effort into balancing Tjorb, Mei, and Symm into being viable picks, they would most likely be extremely good Tracer counters, lowering her effectiveness without even touching her kit.
Years ago, a few weeks after wee Tracer was born, she could barely hold her head up.

Her mom had to do everything for her, change her poopy diaper, dress her, burp her, feed her.. she was completely helpless.

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No but why fix what isn’t broken? Tracer is fine
Good meme
01/16/2018 11:19 PMPosted by Redmond
Triple tank meta.

She wasn’t weak back then, there was just better choice for this strategy, more... META !
No shes slightly overtuned.
She needs a small nerf like blinks cost 25 health or something
i dont know just spit balling
There was only one very shrot time Tracer was considered low tier: to much effort for average gain.

At the very beginning of Overwatch:
a) Widowmaker could ez bodyshot her with 150 Dmg. Thats why Zen was weak as well, with only 150 HP at the time.
b) McCree was op. He could ez stun and Fan the Hammer to kill most Heros.
c) Double Picks were alowed -> double Winston or double McCree kept Tracer away.
D) The Hitdetecting for Rheinhardt: His melee Hit and Charge was in favor of Rheinhardt. When the rheinhardt player pressed the button while tracer was in front of him, Tracer took damage at the moment the animation of the swing starts. Since Season 2or3 i think Rheinahrdt Charge Hitbox got massivly nerferd and his swing counts when his hammer is in the middle of his animation. That means: If Tracer/genji blinks/jumps or recall/deflect) in the moment of the anmiation -> rheinahrdt Hit does not count, although the Rheinahrdtplayers hears the sound of a connecting hit.!!!!!
01/16/2018 11:29 PMPosted by Archon

Not knowing how to use an Apache attack helicopter does not make an Apache attack helicopter. It means the user isn't trained properly.

I do thank everyone for the input though - thank you for the insight to previous Metas.

Same can be said for widowmaker.

Same could be said with every hero
It seems that tracer and soldier 76 are the two heroes almost all the changes surround without nerfing them, I don’t know if i am not seeing the entire situation because i joined this ow community at the end of season 3, but i have invested a lot of time on junkrat and i am not really excited on learning new techniques for him especially because he was titled the king of spam, and now the nerf is taking his most reliable source of damage and making it almost impossible to spam

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