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A question for those in the community who have uninstalled or put Overwatch down for a bit. Did you stop because of the lack of balance? Toxicity?

I'm getting more of what I want from TF2 than I am from Overwatch. To put it simply, if I wanna Scout in TF2, I get to Scout, and if I wanna Tracer in Overwatch, I get to Winston. And yes, the toxicity doesn't help.

Why was this downvoted? This is so true. You don't get to pick what you want in Overwatch much, because theres so many instalockers. It's not like no limits is a common mode. Plus if you like off meta stuff, you can't play that in comp without the most hostile reactions. Its frustrating.
I didn't stop just because of the lack of balance, that's one thing. I stopped because I am no longer enamored by the magic of Blizzard.
I'm pretty sure that just like me a lot of you got Overwatch under this romanticist view that it was this perfect game made by a perfect company, hailed and praised by all, and for a while believed that. It was a phenomenon of a game, how could I not? Blizzard could do no wrong was the motto. My friends and I played it for quite a bit and we enjoyed doing dumb things together like the filthy casuals we are. However, lack of balancing forced me to take a good look at the game and realize that it was poorly designed, poorly thought out, and overall just not the game for me; despite spending 600+ hours on it. It was because the process of absolutely despising this game was gradual.
I realized that the more I played, the angrier and more toxic I got because everything felt gross. When I got OW, it was because I wanted an FPS, but what I didn't realize was that I wanted a true FPS game, and that was my expectation. OW is not an FPS game, and that's why I quit. OW is a PVPRPG that happens to be an FPS, and I don't particularly want to play that. Even if I did, I dare say Paladins does it so much better.
So what do I do now? I keep this game installed and let my brother play, that's it. The more I see this game play the more I formulate in my head and soon after in a google doc an entirely better game. Otherwise, I've been playing other games.
3 Main thing:
-Genji in every game that ruins the fun
-Roadhog Nerf that was way too much
-Mercy Nerf that still makes no sense
1. Balancing only for META Changing
- Dev and Blizzard are focusing on ESport almost 100% right now on this game. Look at all features and thing that they talking about this past few months are only OWL. Balancing for "Fun to watch" but not fun to play for everyone who get involve and guess what? It not very healthy to watch either cause EVERY THING IS GODDxxx FAST.

2. Lack of communication to community from dev
- Dev 100% silence on community's concerned issue nowaday. Lack of communication because of they don't want it controversial. it's ONLY A EXCUSED. Posting a dev response in a while is unacceptable for me.

3. Pride on their back is too high
- When you have pride, you dont want to lose it, ever. And that's cause this team very problem....They will not admit any mistake they've done is failed, like ever. Example like Mercy's rework. Some people said that she is problem for the game, and I said "SOME". After Rework, Mercy is cause much more problem than ever before. Still, Dev said it's Successful.......while in reality, It's opposite. Yes, They are pride in what they got that we keep given it to them

4. Loot box, Feel better but still bad when got only dupe for 10-20 boxes full of dupes and coin
Because I hated the Mercy rework when it came out. And was told that I was being dramatic and this was a good direction for her. And now everyone in the community hates her. I loved the character but I'm tired of hearing about her. Basically, I feel like the testing done on PTR is more of a formality than asking for actual feedback. Look what happened to Ana and Roadhog, and how long those changes took.
I'm so close to quitting. I'm so tired of half the community being terrible. I'm so tired of playing games where I'm the healer and 3 kills is gold elims.

I'm so tired of ppl not picking tanks or healers. It's the same stuff all day.
Other games are fun too
We rarely get balance patches, and when we do they're usually bad. The devs say that the PTR is used to get feedback from the players, but we all know they don't use any of the feedback. Most of the content we get is limited stuff. Limited skins, limited this, limited that. I know we're getting new base stuff, but it's been more than a year. For christ's sake, even PALADINS gets 100% more content than we do, and they're constantly pumping out balance patches. I know the game itself is way less polished, but that's crazy compared to the Overwatch Team.

Balance patches shouldn't come once every 4-6 months. It's ridiculous for such a renowned company to be so lacking when it comes to fixing their own game. I'll reiterate as an example, that it took them OVER A YEAR to fix Mei's cryofreeze getting rid of Ana's antiheal debuff. Which was a bug ever since Ana came out. There's absolutely no excuse for that taking such a long time.
Because it's 3 am and I have to work in the morning. :^
I always play the true melee character. Rein is a designated shield boi who uses his ranged attack more than he gets to swing his hammer.

Genji was originally Melee, but they decided it wasn't fun

The PUNCH YOU WITH A BIG FIST character has a ranged left click and assloads of bugs.

I'll keep waiting until there's an actual melee character.
Busted report system and horrible balance. Went back to SMITE mainly because SMITE had the brilliant idea of introducing multi-queue on search match where you queue into multiple game modes at once. You find a match in 10-20 seconds which is nice. In Overwatch more often than not you wait 2-3 minutes to get into a match as the backline fill for the last 20 seconds.
I put Ow down for a bit because I have work soon and also I'm chatting here
Monster Hunter World is coming out in a few days. That game is my first priority.
1. More stuff to do in Team Fortress 2 [4K Hours vs 400 something in this]
2. Paladins has more consistent gameplay updates than this
3. Sick of people !@#$%ing about Mercy Mains. It's not our fault she is the best.
4. Updates that never stick around for more than 2-3 weeks and cosmetics that are time gated. Just give each of them individual currencies that can be traded at a certain higher rate for gold.
5. Owning all the skins I want means there is no incentive to login.
6. REALLY bad map variety.
7. Other newer games / Hype like PUBG is more popular.
8. No "real community". Everything is either standard modes, or weirdos in RP. Just letm hang out for 1-2 hours on servers without getting kicked or restart with friends.

I'll might be back to grind when the new cosmetics drop then I'm gone again.

Not that this game is bad, its very good. I just couldn't play much more of the same content the way it is.
Toxiccity, Lack of Balance, Stress, nothing to be Hyped about, Genji and Tracer feels a bit to strong on Console because of the bad aiming and the Lack of viable Hard Counters

An Yeah i really cant play whit my Friends because they are GM Players and im only Diamond i really get destroyed if i play whit my Friends.

I hv reinstall the Game 3 days ago and i hv uninstalled again now because it isnt sadly fun for me anymore i make my Focus on Injustice 2 and Battlefront 2 now very fun Games
When there isn't an event there is little to do in the game. Qp and comp are RNG matches. Horrible balance and the map variety can be horrible. Too many times I've yelled ",I just played this map" after finding a match.

Right now the game is stale for me because most of my friends have dropped it and everything else is a grind to unlock things in the game instead of a fun competitive experience. Just better games out right now that gives me less grind and more competitive experience.
I play games for fun, Overwatch is becoming stressful. So, I play other games that gives me fun.

Gave up on the community too, I main Junkrat & I played him since release because he's the character I enjoyed. Before his buffed everyone is being toxic if I played him, because his not meta or viable. After buffed, everyone still being toxic for using "easy/no-skill/no aim" hero, & wants him back to dumpster bin.

So I'll just play something else then... a different game.
I don't like how there seems to be no direction to this game in terms of balance. There are a few outliers that there is constantly forum discussion on yet nothing seems to be happening. Sure, the forums are not representative of the whole community but seeing the same topics about the same heroes every day warrants some dev input yes?

I've also stopped playing as there is nothing for me to work towards. Level means nothing, lootboxes are disappointing at my level with legendaries few and far between. The update today will help that for sure. I could grind for golden guns but comp is a !@#$ show and honestly I can't play with my friend (who is in bronze) so that sucks. I have lost quite a bit of SR (not on purpose) so I'm back down to gold and I still can't play with him.

Then there is the feeling that we are just being milked for cash during events. Last event I barely got anything and I played so much. Yeah, RNG but still demotivating.

Theres probably more but this is what came to mind instantly.
People in comp not taking the game seriously, people in quickplay really not taking the game seriously, and games in arcade being a game of chance more than anything else.

All which in turn makes victories feel empty, and losses frustrating.

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