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I went up against an insanely good Doomfist in Quick play once... he wrecked us so hard that one moment during the match I heard him say KO three times in a town after each kill.

Once for my ally near me

Once for me

Once after he kills a low health teammate before I even started waiting to spawn...

And that was just one instance... through the match I heard him say it literally after each kill in the distance...

To this day I haven’t met a Doomfist who KO’d people like that again... but I’ll never forget the line he used...

All of Mercy's kill lines are insulting.
Mercy's 'Say Aaahhh'. It's hilarious when I smack people with my staff to their death.
Winston saying "Unfortunate" in a sincere tone. I can only take that as hypocrisy.
Spamming "stupidity is not a right" So all you hear is Moira constantly saying "stupid"

And then you use the new facepalm emote
zen saying how...disappointing
When i kill people depending on how i do it with mei its either
"I HOPE you learned your lesson"
"Dont u just love suprises?"
Symmetra's "Why do you struggle?" just before you kill them.
Tracer's voice line: "Too slow!"
Hanzo is a straight savage when it comes to hurting your feelings. No experience quite lives up to hearing "you are NOTHING" right after getting shot in the head.
Wow, no one said it yet?

"Why are you so angry" - Lucio
Roadhog's disgusting laugh.
That voice line triggers me every time lmao
Tracer mocking Reapers line: "Death comes"
Are you scared?

No im dead.
"I think I've made improvements ... to your face." - Torb

That pause and last part of his line always gets me.
Symmetra has a lot of good lines.
"Why do you struggle?"
"Such a lack of imagination."
"I don't think so."
When they say hello and emote on your body.
"Cheerz love! ehehah..!" -Sombra

Best if you'd just hacked and killed a Tracer.
"I'm alive!" - Junkrat.
"How disappointing." - Zenyatta.
"KO" or "Combo Breaker!" - Doomfist.
"I was hoping for a challenge." - Genji.
"You are already dead!" - Hanzo.
"Stupidity is not a right" - Moira.
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Orisa performs a melee kill "Fist Bump"

This is my absolute fave.

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