Windows 10 pro 1709 update causing crashes

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Hey all,

Had a bunch of troubles with the latest windows patch and was causing Overwatch to crash. I reformatted. I have the latest NVIDIA drivers (390.65), windows updates, and fresh install of Overwatch.

Occasionally, it would crash randomly during ranked/casual but often it will just crash to desktop upon starting the game client. Here is the report code: 5C7A718E-293F-4359-8539-0010380EDC96.

Are there any known issues or solutions for this latest windows patch/update? I have had barely any troubles with Overwatch crashing on my PC before this windows patch.
i just got that update recently and i think its this update that keeps crashing my main display. im going to unistall that update and try it.
chowfun I see this issue occurring across multiple OS updates and Nvidia Drivers. All crashes appear to be occurring on startup. I'd recommend to ensure a third party conflict isn't causing you problems by trying to play with the system in Selective Startup mode.

If the issue continues try disabling any streaming or Overlay software that could be running on the system:

- Nvidia Share Overlay
- Xbox DVR

Thank you!
Thank you so much for the response Zuvykree! Unfortunately, I have uninstalled the game. I'm a big fan but the game keeps penalizing a player when they crash, even if they crash within the first few seconds of a match (my PC is fast enough to restart/rejoin). I don't want to be banned or have negative karma so I'll try again next season.

The crashes were happening without "Nvidia Share Overlay" because I did not install Geforce Experience. I did install Geforce Experience afterwards to see if the application would help. It did a little bit. Just ran the game at "Optimized Settings" which lowered FPS but increased stability a little (can now play for multiple games before crashing).

Afterwards, I tried running Overwatch in windowed mode. This helped stability for probably 10 hours of play until it crashed in-game (ranked match).

About the Xbox DVR. I do not have that enabled. The "windows game bar" is enabled but I've always had that enabled before these issues occurred.

I have not tried running in "Selective Startup Mode" but if the game can't run with default Window settings then that's unfortunate.

Hope that info helps the community. If the game would make crashing on startup/beginning of the game less punishing then that would be great.

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