Small opinion on my teammates' choosing hero screen

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When my teammate is switching heroes at the team base in the middle of the match, sometimes I don't know whether they are taking a long time choosing which hero to switch off to, or whether they are just standing there not doing anything.
(I have actually experienced observing my teammate just standing in the team base doing nothing for a long time during the competitive play.)
So when I die and skip the kill cam, rather than just watching my teammate standing at the team base, I think it will be better to understand if it shows my teammate choosing hero in a transparent form.

For example, if he/she clicks on Genji from Pharah (before clicking 'change hero') I want to see transparent Pharah changing to transparent Genji, and when the player clicks 'change hero' the chosen hero becomes opaque again.

I'm not sure if I have explained it well but its just my small opinion!
Think this could actually prevent some of the unnecesary frustrations being outed too quickly by some people ^^

Altho usually people just forget you can change heroes the moment after death and only realise when they respawn, creating these scenarios. Maybe a graphic reminding people the option to switch is already available straight after death could help with speeding things along aswell?

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