How do I win a 1v1 against Reaper as a tank?

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Honestly if the reaper can two-shot you, it means he can aim (seriously, there is nothing more fearsome in the game than a hog/reaper who can aim). Your best bet is calling your support/dps for help and pray they will answer. Otherwise I would tactically suicide to save some time and avoid giving him too much ult charge (which could be even more devastating)

Also the more interesting question to ask is: how the hell can reaper can so close to you as a main tank. Are you roaming on your own?
One thing the posters here haven't mentioned with Reaper vs. Orisa is bait him near a ledge if you can and halt him into oblivion.
Play DVa
7/10 she will out match him. He doesn't do much damage and his health is low, even if he gets what...20% health back from all damage he does.
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He doesn't do much damage and his health is low

We're talking about Reaper right?
He's very hard to 1v1 as D.Va, nigh impossible, because her critbox is so big. Thus, most of his pellets hit it. If he has Wraith up and her missiles are down it's pretty much impossible unless you pop off on him in pilot form
Generally you don't beat them in a 1v1, you need to rely on your team to get him off of you
As a Winston/Reaper player, you can outplay a Reaper as Winston if you're very good and the Reaper is less than good.

You just need to use the bubble dance on him. If you don't take too many hits a lot of the time you can force out wraith form and then just time your leap and punch combo to finish you off.

Again, it's dependent on your own skill and your opponents. The most I can usually hope for is us basically cancelling each other out.
Go roadhog and 1 shot him, go Dva and dive him easily, retreat after using rockets and dive him again
Winston and orisa can barrier dance, I find Orisa to be the best tank at fighting reaper. Rein can charge and hog can hook him if you think you can kill him. is good for killing him if she is the one to initiate the fight and starts out up 150HP on him, zarya you have to self bubble and get away, not a whole lot of killing him unless his team charged you up. Most of the time, its about how to survive until someone helps you.

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