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Sooo, like, all the times I play competitive, I play against 2-3 silvers and sometimes a gold, and our team is composed of at most 1 silver and the rest is bronze, but oh "it is based on SR!" Yea, that means nothing but how many times you get lucky and have a god team, I never have that. Why not base it on rank, SR, average kills/deaths, and overall ACTUAL SKILL. That would fix some of it, you wouldn't get an entire garbage team against seemingly platinum players 24/7.

Berate me as you wish, but it is broken and there is no denying it, my team is always doomed to lose and I will always be stuck wish the new players fighting experienced players... SR is broken and so is ranking.

I don't care anymore, I just want to give up quickplay and competitive, but that is literally impossible
The fact that people have been posting the same complaints here for years should indicate it's not as polished as they believe it is. The fact of the matter is, it's an esports game now and they don't put time or effort in to the casual aspect. I have 2 accounts, this one being the one from day 1... and this one placed bad and fell ever since. The other I main on now in diamond. It's a money sink at this point. Bare in mind I only play solo.

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