All these nerfs flying around and

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And I sit untouched for 2 years as a Tracer main. :P

You can't blink while emoting in, I thought that killed her as a character.

<—- Bastion, Mercy, Dva Main

Tracer is probably one of the most balanced characters since launch
Zen as well. Kind of left him alone aside from minor tweaks. His discord nerf was needed.
Tracer rises and falls with the meta unlike most of the other characters
There’s nothing to nerf. Your burst damage is great but balanced by spread and range, your blink ability needs great management to be effective, recall more so, and your overall effectiveness is scaled to player skill. I’d say that’s well balanced. If anything, as annoying as a good Tracer can be, I would even consider increasing slightly pulse bomb’s throwing range or at least its blast radius to make it a little more consistent to bring up your otherwise underwhelming ult.
She got a subsequent nerf, due to forum nabs complaining about Genji's Dragonblade.

Her Pulse Bomb charge now gets depleted if you die during the release of it (even though it doesn't register server side). This was never the case before the global casted-ultimate nerf.
Tracer is considered the standart of perfect balance around which all other characters are balanced

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