Any advice to a mercy main that needs to reroll?

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01/30/2018 07:57 PMPosted by SaidTheBear
Moira, dva, Ana.

yes...ana for a mercy main...they were mercy mains for a reason.

Thats why they dont know which hero to play. Pathetic!

We even have to make forum posts to nurse their poor cruched soul! (ie. what can i do to make the game more enjoyable for you marcy mains") Even more pathetic!
01/30/2018 10:48 PMPosted by Astrobauble
Apparently Mercy mains are "throwing" if they play anyone other than Mercy right now.
They're also apparently "Throwing" if they still choose to play Mercy.

My advice is to just not even join voice chat anymore. Getting yelled at and accused of throwing the match before it even starts no matter what I do is getting so old.

i dont understand stuff like this. hell im thrilled whenever theres a mercy on my team. too many times i have a no-mercy on my team and the enemy team has one. and we all know how that works.. its like, /sigh

we all know how strong mercy is, and will still be.. so like, you do you, Mr mercy. do it for great justice. do it for the children. haha
I'd give moira a go. I swapped about 21 hours of gameplay a go from mercy. It will take a good few hours to adjust absolutely worth it, I felt more rewarded for making smart plays and staying alive.

Just remember your a support not dps, if you're dpsing and someone dies right next to you then you made a mistake. Unless it's a genji and make sure he stays dead for all the times he flanked and killed you as mercy
01/30/2018 10:48 PMPosted by Astrobauble
Apparently Mercy mains are "throwing" if they play anyone other than Mercy right now.
They're also apparently "Throwing" if they still choose to play Mercy.

My advice is to just not even join voice chat anymore. Getting yelled at and accused of throwing the match before it even starts no matter what I do is getting so old.

I agree.

Everytime I do play mercy, people are hating on me for throwing and being so stubborn despite all the nerfs which is the reason why I need to reroll.

And then I try to learn a new hero and people check my profile and start screaming in chat that the only mercy main on our team is playing Roadhog, please switch. It's pretty frustrating but I'll get through.

Thanks for all the feed back, I'll definitely need to be more versatile and try out Moira and some easier dps I guess.
Mercy still have the highest healing and easiest way to heal close targets (and still most powerful and on the longest cooldown ability). The problem with nerfed Mercy is that she feels a lot slower during ultimate and her ultimate is not really great (quite mediocre actually), with latest movement nerf I would rather her move faster on the ground than fly. Overall Blizzard went from "we want her to focus more on healing and give her higher mobility" to "we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability".
People asked for a very long time to give Mercy an ability, Blizzard somehow though that given her 1/5 of her ultimate as ability was fine, then they realized it wasn't fine and started to "polish" the ability instead of adding a proper ability that will be used often and will actually make Mercy more fun to play. I think is fair to say that this hero is broken because devs didn't agree on what she should be about and now it seems that will be her state for nearest future until a finishing nerf will come (because dps that can't confidently hit a hog or dva will still have a lot of issues with Mercy) or another rework.
Learn how to chain heal and damage in Valkyrie. Learn how to do a rez from the air so you can hide behind bridges and avoid Junkrat's fire. Learn how to do a rez without dying without valkyrie. Learn how to use the pistol. With all this experience on Mercy you should have the mechanical skills down.

Sorry to say it but there have been Mercies who are useless without the ult since season 1. I actually heard this in a comp game once:

"OK I got rez so I'm gonna go hide. Everybody die."

If you have been playing her for her ult and not doing anything useful the other 99% of the time, this is a great opportunity to realize her potential.
As someone in a somewhat similar boat..take up Zenyatta/Ana. It'll really help you out in the long run.
Either learn to play a new hero or do yourself and everyone else a favor and uninstall. If you're stuck on playing one specific hero and cannot adapt to the recent changes to that hero's kit or ability reduction then you don't belong in competitive. Stick to quick play. You're only holding others back.
Play Mercy duh, unless you wanna plummet down the ranks
Hey guys.
I picked up mercy because she was actually fun for me and I climbed with her because she was enjoyable and made me want to improve my gamesense and team work.

Your reasoning for sticking mainly with Mercy is good! I also have enjoyed playing Mercy, and I really don't think she's going to be "obsolete" in this patch. Harder to play, yes, and no longer a MUST pick, but in my mind all it's going to do is make your understanding of positioning far more important. No, you won't be getting free rez's anymore, but she's still a viable heal option. Her damage boost ability is also very powerful. Don't give her up completely, haha.
One tricking is dangerous, for 2 reasons. One of which is because of things like this nerf, but the other is because it can make it difficult to understand the other characters. Playing other heroes will help you understand how to counter them better.
Stick to roles you enjoy playing. If you like support, then don't pick someone constantly on the front lines in their role. Moira out-heals Mercy by a large margin, so if you like the healing aspect she's a great pick. She's going to be used much more in the future, imo.
Use quick play to play around with all the characters. It took me a long time to find my preferred role, though I am still the biggest flex player on my team. All in all, don't drop Mercy. She's not op anymore, but so what? Still viable, easily. Just add 2-3 other characters to your hero pool. Reaper, Roadhog, Junkrat, Moira, or Orisa might be good to start on.
Geez I guess the truth hurts.
Play mystery heroes for a while to figure out which heroes you have a natural knack for. I'm a Mercy main with 500+ hours on her, but my play style is naturally inclined with Zarya, Moira, Dva, and Symmetra. Since I narrowed it down to those four, I've been practicing them on my alt account for the past month. I also got a second alt account to practice a few other heroes I want to get better at as well: Zenyatta, Ana, Tracer, and Orisa.

Alt accounts are super useful for practicing other heroes in comp. You'll get placed properly with how you play those heroes currently, and you can work at getting better at those heroes in a comp setting without people yelling at you most of the time because of how your profile hours look.

I hope this helps!
Mercy is definitely not dead. I play a lot of ranked on my other account (basically never queue anything but ranked) and it's low diamond, and while people do complain if you pick her in lower ranks, the higher you go, the more people understand that she's still pretty damn good. Her ult is still pretty insane healing output, and even if someone gets picked before a fight, he res is still good.

I wouldn't say that you need to pick something different, if she's your favorite/best champ, but like everyone else said, Moira is a really good support to pick up.

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