2500-3000 games harder to win than 3300-3500 games

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for some reason even though i have a 70% winrate on my damage heroes i am struggling to climb higher than 2600 where as on my other account i maintain 3300 to 3600 with ease, the games don't ever feel stacked against me or anything. Why is this bracket so difficult to climb out of? I don't understand... the players here should be less skilled but it seems lack of intelligence is the main issue.
gold/plat is extremly hard due to MMR handicap
have fun playing against 3 smurfs
MMR is the cause. Also causes losing streaks after you do really real consecutively.
2900-3100 is where I find it hard. After that it's smooth sailing to Masters.

Reasons : Egos, decay and flashy icons

First time Diamond players having an ego boost and think they can do no wrong. They are also extremely triggered at the idea of losing their flashy icon because they are not yet good enough to keep it.

Decayed Masters/GMs really don't care that much and may use this time to practice new heroes. They are also good enough that they can easily win games to rise up to their normal rating. Thus, some will have no shame in throwing games just to piss off the power-hungry-dictator-first-time-Diamond.
Seriously, you think throwing is bad in Bronze? Silver? Gold? Plat? Wait till you meet Diamond+ games. People throw for nothing. Unlike other ranks, these players are consistent enough to gain back any SR loss at ease; throwing is used as a statement every other game.

And even if no one is throwing, the amount of decayed Masters/GMs makes it the biggest lottery of any rank. Once you get to 3200+, pretty much everyone has Master experience and games are fairly balanced. But below that, you've got S5 4400 players fighting it out against 2900 Career high players. It's a massacre.
Plat (especially high) and low diamond are hard to climb, unless you're legit dps main master. Simply because of too much diversity in player skills, there's almost pure RNG. Its not impossible (i've been gettin two accounts to at least diamonds for seasons) but takes way too long sometimes.
Gold? I wouldnt say. Smurfs are rare and most players are generally bad. If you are master DPS (as you claim to be), stompung 2600 should be piece of cake for you.
From my experience there is a huge problem when people group within 1000 sr with the highest rated player being 3100 and the lowest 2200. Because your then rolling the dice. team a will have a 3100 player who's actually decayed 4000 player and team a has an actual 3100 player.

You might think this does not happen that much but it does. For me personally when i was at 2985 on my main account the games where harder, but more fun.

Hopefully one day il reach 3100 and will be able to stay there.
I'm at 2500sr (and outside of two seasons where I got placed at high plat, I've always been around that rank) I think its because that rank is average or just above average, so you end up with players of various skill levels, which results in teams being more mixed. You can ultimately end up with people who are close to master or those who are barely in silver and anything in-between, which can makes games at that rank a lot more unpredictable. Even people at that rank could be diamonds having a very bad day and lost a lot of sr, or a lower ranked player having a really good session.
its because plat has a lot of people in that rank. so every game you wonder "will i get a boosted ape, a smurf or a normal plat?" and to add on that there are all these attitudes and plat is the most prone to salt because of the same reason that most are stuck there
The problem is too many retards now have access to the internet so the game just reflects how many percent of ignorant monkeys really make up the world's population. Also 90 percent of players i meet have no business in the rank they're in and should be gold or lower or perhaps chemically castrated to prevent creating further offspring.
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I don't have any problem I help friends out of that Elo sometimes and I just go down there anywhere in 27-3100 and its easy wins rarely even drop a game[u][/u]
70% win rate on damage heroes? Not anymore my friend. If you actually maintained a 70% win rate you would climb.

The speed of climbing heavily depends on what you play and also a bit on how lucky you get with your games in that range I think (provided you indeed perform better than the average player in that bracket).

In S3 it took me tons of games to get to 3001 once. In S4, S6 and S7 I had no problem at all to cross the Diamond border in solo q by playing mainly Support or Tank. In S5 I was spiraling down to 2800 from being Master in S4 with no real hopes of getting back until I 3-stacked back to Diamond and played DPS within that stack, with a Support and Tank main by my side and we had about 80% win rate during that session. That was basically the only time I didn't solo q because I got desperate.

Also in S4 I placed my second account for the first time, due to QP and playing heroes I don't usually play I was placed at 2100, I was stuck at about 2200 if I would play McCree for example. Not because I can't hit stuff, but because you lack proficient Tanks and Supports that provide healing and protection for a DPS with low mobility and no self sustain.
As soon as I went Soldier instead I climbed to about 2500 in no time. From there on I started playing Support mainly and got to 3300 within about 30 wins (streaks were still a thing back then so I even gained close to 100SR in one of the games).

I don't know how it is this season, since I placed 3300ish, but I've heard a lot of bad stuff. Especially due to the segmentation of PBSR and win-oriented-SR at the 3k border.
There are certainly a lot of good players in Platinum, that are really good at one or two things but they lack something that keeps them from reaching Diamond usually. Which, even tho you explained it a bit different, is why you see really good people that only don't climb because they tilt too often, get toxic, don't group up or do stupid things every now and then that tip the games into a loss for them (basically the "intelligence" you were talking about).

That is why I find it much easier to carry as a Support in that bracket than as DPS, because some players there have actually really good aim and can take others out in seconds, but they overextend a lot for example which as a Support (or Tank) you can make use of a lot by outhealing their damage until a team mate punishes them for poor positioning or punishing them by yourself with a cc or hook or whatever. Also you can nullify their ults when playing support making them go into tilt mode often because "their team sucks", resulting in more overextending etc.

A lot of people are not stuck in Plat because they can't aim or don't know how to play - it's often because they can't stay calm, rational and get upset easily, causing them to do stupid things and perform worse.
yeah high plat games are more toxic than 2400-2600. i noticed from like 2800+ it's just constant throwers/trolls/one tricks/ no communication and games that aren't fun at all.

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