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I am a support main that has a lot of time on Mercy, Moira and Ana. I really enjoy playing healer, and I really don't mind it. However:

Before the recent patch players would constantly flame me if I picked anything other than Mercy. If I don't pick Mercy I am throwing the game.

"We need a Mercy, if you don't go Mercy I will report you"
"Ana is trash, go Mercy"
"If you don't go Mercy you are throwing the game"
"Swap off Moira you are not good at her"

After the recent patch players now constantly flame me for picking Mercy. If I pick Mercy I am now throwing the game.

"Mercy is trash, swap off you boosted bronze"
"Don't go Mercy she is garbage"
"If you go Mercy I will report you for throwing the game"
"I'm glad Mercy got nerfed, now you can derank"
"Why are you going Mercy she is so bad now"

I try my best to heal you so you don't die. I put my trust in you, I risk my life for you. It would be nice to at least acknowledge I exist, and that I am a human person.

The Mercy nerf is a seperate issue. What is upsetting me is the players dictating what hero I am allowed to play, and being extremely toxic towards me. This started to severely affect my gameplay and I lost 200 SR in the last two weeks.

I actually got suspended for "griefing/throwing" after the patch. So I hope you are all happy now.
02/05/2018 10:31 AMPosted by NeoParashath

I actually got suspended for "griefing/throwing" after the patch. So I hope you are all happy now.

Reporting system working as intended. Automated bans.

It's heart breaking.
I'm sorry you keep getting thrown into matches with these jerks. As a Support main, I fully understand. We've all been there :/

It doesn't help much, but when stuff like this happens you could always mute/report and keep doing what you're good at. Without you the team wouldn't be able to live, and nine times out of ten they don't know what they're talking about anyway. Keep doing what you want and what you're good at.
mute, report, and move on
Just don't let it get to you. Mute your voice channel and your chat if it helps. If you don't and they harass you to play a specific support, report them. If they threaten to report you, report them. And reach out to Blizzard for your ban.
Excuse me if I actually call bs on what the OP is writing.

1. I haven't seen anyone screaming at Mercys that her pick is an automatic throw.
2. Picking Mercy and being reported for it does not mean you are being banned.
3. If you play the objective and are not acting like a total **** towards your team mates you will not get banned for picking Mercy

I have been playing Symmetra in Comp yesterday and trust me when I tell you that picking Symmetra on attack or king of the hill maps will get you A LOT more salt than picking Mercy.

Many people claimed they reported me for supposedly throwing. Nothing happened.

1. I have always told them that I am not throwing, also writing it in chat in various matches and always focussed on helping my team win to the best of my abilities.

If you still lose and they tell others to report you, you can report them for being toxic. And hey, if it really is that bad, you can always play something else. Torbjörn or Mei can be a lot of fun. If they ask for heal you can throw them an armor pack.

If they want a tank you can give them an ice wall.
02/05/2018 10:40 AMPosted by callaghanrs
mute, report, and move on

Kinda hard to do that when you log on the next day to find out you've been suspended as a result of player reports.
Strange, I played at least 6 or 7 matches as Mercy today and not one single team member said anything. For two matches there was a Mercy main in our team and noone mentioned anything.
I really want to believe what all these Mercy mains are writing here, but I never experienced anything like this.
Turn off chat entirely unless you're playing with friends unless you can deal with idiots on the internet.

Edit: Or, consider switching to quick play until friends log on to play comp with you.
I hear you, I have something around 12 hours on Mercy this season, since no one on my team would ever pick a god damn support(any, for that matter) and she was a must-pick anyways. Now when I go into comp I vitrually can't play anything else, since everyone sees my comp stats and just goes "you ain't doing noithing, switch to Mercy". I got patricularly pissed off, when I got a Hanzo on my team who kept flaming and complaing that I don't heal him, when he is god knows where and I'm at the choke healing tanks.
So now I just insta-lock DPS and see what happens.
people in comp calling you out because you dont play a certain hero they want you to play. this one is a classic.
now that mercy has been nerfed she isnt the 'perfect' pick anymore and will let other healers like ana or zen shine a bit brighter, or so i presume.
you can always try to ignore your teammates in every way possible but that would possibly lead to more reports for griefing/throwing and such.
best advice i can think of is pick another healer since you enjoy healers (i do love me some zen/ana/moira) or if the team's really set on having mercy, let them play mercy instead of their instalock dps. if you still get called out for not playing the hero they want you to play then you might think of ways to ignore playing with random players. grouping up with friends is sooo much better and more fun than playing with randoms imo.
Actually... You might dont agree with me, but i think crying about how mercy is bad right now (plot twist: she is still good), pretty much killed her in eyes of other people.

Just think about that. That forum was spammed with nerfed mercy threads 24/7 for so long, that there is no way someone in your team didn't noticed it. And this means... ironically everyone who was trying to save her, pretty much knocked the last nail into her coffin...

Personally i dont mind mercy in my team. I think she is still a really solid pick.
Makes me happy to play support, so fun in comp
Throughout my entire life of gaming, playing games that involve someone playing a support character of any variety, it’s never been my first thought to target the support player if literally anything is going wrong.

Every time I see a thread like this I wonder where the scumbags you’re bumping into get this mentality that it’s always the support’s fault. Hell, the last person I ever blame is the support player. I generally don’t play support and I’m happy to see players who pick up the role at all, especially when it comes to this game and Quickplay.

Perhaps I’m just too optimistic; I see a support player and I’m instantly thankful to have them on my team, unless it’s one of those donuts that pick Mercy and go “i’m dps” in chat and proceed to get repeatedly instakilled over and over.

I suppose it comes down to a majority of players not willing to evaluate why they just died and that it might not have been “The Ana wasn’t pocketing me” and was rather “The Ana got picked off by a Genji cause I wasn’t paying attention.”

As someone who generally plays tanks, I’ve found myself overextending before and the result was dead supports cause I wasn’t there to hold up a barrier or swat the Genji with my giant rocket powered fly swatter.

Nowadays I try my best to stick close to them and do what I can to keep pests off of them so they can continue keeping me alive so I can keep doing my job.

Sorry you have to deal with this nonsense Op, playing support is and always has been a thankless job. Just know that there are those of us who truly appreciate you taking up the role.

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