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Strengths, weaknesses, roles, etc.

As a long time Reaper main I have a few thoughts, but I'm interested to see where others see Reaper in the "meta". I'll list off a few points.

- Strengths; corralling tanks, assassinating healers
- Weaknesses; Literally every attack and defense hero (in varying degrees and situations of course). Shadow Step.
- Use Case; disrupting the back lines

Reaper excels at melting tanks, but it isn't easy in a "balanced" match. Poor mobility and range make it too difficult to attack dug-in targets. So this role is more reserved for those big brawls that happen around objectives. Otherwise I think sneaking around (with Shadow Step) is the best use for Reaper and assassinating high priority targets. It's always a gamble though. Generally you either pop that Mercy before anyone knows you're there or you have to flee.
Not all characters are good in all things.

Reaper is meant to bring down tanks and get in the back lines to take down some squishies. If the team your playing against has strong dps and weak tanks then Reaper is not a good pick.
Reaper's role is to kill tanks and win team fights with his ult.
At higher ranks he seems to play more with the "core" part of the team near the tanks/supports and mainly kills things that goes near the core either as anti-dive/anti-flanker or just when a rein on reaper's team uses his barrier to get near other teams frontline and reaper is right next to the rein letting rein's barrier get reaper into close range with a bit of saftey.

At lower ranks he seems to be a flanker.

i'm guessing the disparity is just because he isn't mobile enough to really be a great flanker, but his damage is still good at killing things up close and playing with tanks/barriers is an easy way for him to get close relatively safely.
He's a pubstomper by design and can potentially do well at it but he is countered by too many heroes due to his poor range and inability to close gaps well.
Well, he'd definitely be really good if his wraith form was the same as Moira's fade
terrible at high ranks. his skill ceiling needs to be increased.
I think he's in an alright spot right now.

I see a lot of bad Reapers and a lot of really great Reapers, so it's really hard to get a definite gauge on where he really is.

I think Shadow Step could be a bit faster and he should be invincible until he's completely de-wraithed. Too many times do I see him dying instantly during Shadow Step by a patiently waiting Widowmaker or Hanzo. Giving him reload after using it wouldn't hurt, either.

Other than that, I really can't think of anything else to give him without it either breaking him or making him garbage.
At my MMR he doesn't work for much beyond hitting Q.

He's loud, his mobility isn't great, his range is poor, the hero selection doesn't favor him, and most people don't have the aim to get the job done.
Reaper's fine, trust me. As long as you avoid trying to start duels in open spaces ,where long-ranged shooting is more favored and you're not even within 5 meters of your targets, you're gonna be alright.
As a tank that regularly has to deal with him.

His attack pattern doesn't sync up with his team. By the time he gets in position, the fight's already over and he has to hide while waiting for the next wave.

Part of what makes Tracer so difficult to fight as Orisa is because Tracer engages at the same time as her team. Orisa can't shield dance with the enemy team on the other side of her shield and has to tank Tracer, which of course, she can't. Resulting in a melted Orisa.

Reaper on the other hand, tends to engage the tank by himself since he's not fighting with his team. Orisa can counter him because she can atleast use all her abilities (including shield dancing) on him without getting shot in the back.

Reaper needs to flank, but doesn't have the speed to actually do so (or the map doesn't give enough routes to make teleporting worth it)

Again tho, I'm a tank, i don't use Reaper, so i don't know how to balance him. I just know how to fight him.
Tons of heroes do his job better, and every tank that's not Zarya or Reinhardt doesn't worry about him.

His cooldowns suck, his range is awful, you can escape from him easily, his ult is easy to shut down even with good positioning and an unaware team.

My thoughts are, why play Reaper when you can play any number of better dps, flank, tank busters, or any hero who is a combination of those things.
I have a fair amount of time on all the tanks and as reaper and I can say pretty confidentally that reaper has a good solid place in this game at the time, and thats with his team. A poster above mentioned reaper doesnt engage at the same time as his team when he's flanking but that's because reaper really shouldnt be "flanking" the same way a tracer and genji does. He should be with the heart of his team most of them time and occasionally backing away from the front lines to teleport to higher ground and drop down ontop of a team fight already happening. He is an excellent duelist but not always one on one... i think the best way I could describe him is an awesome teamfighter because tanks (the things that are making space for dps in a teamfight) are afraid of him and if his tanks are doing their job then he can walk all over the enemy dps without too much worry.

It's all about picking your engagements, if I am running into mcrees, sombras, genjis, doomfists /whatever in one v ones and im consistently losing to them its not a failure of reapers kit its because im picking bad engagements.

I don't really care if people who think reaper NEEDS a buff downvote this because im just sharing my personal experience with reaper and how /unfrustrating/ i find it is to play him when i put some tactical thought into my approach. I do a dance with shotgun characters lately when I need them, sometimes I take a roadhog, sometimes I take a reaper... depends if I need to be defending my teammates more (roadhog) or if i need to be tearing the enemy up more (reaper).

A lot of the ways I see people complaining about how bad reaper is at his role seem to get very frustrated that he's not performing the job they think he should do as opposed to the job his kit actually plays into. Brawling with the team on point, acting as a backbone.

I like playing reaper a bunch so would I deny a buff? a quality of life change? absolutely not. does he need one to be viable??? ehhhhhhhh probably not.
02/09/2018 10:28 PMPosted by Raven
terrible at high ranks. his skill ceiling needs to be increased.

I def cant speak for higher ranks but i would for sure like to see reaper have more tactical options in fights.
My thoughts? Feeling pretty good, because I just got a POTG with him a few days ago.


~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.
Would like it if they combined Shadow Step and Wraith Form into a single ability. Basically make it like Moira's Fade ability but without the invisibility and controls like D.Va's Booster but without the boop.

Give him a Smoke Cloud for his E power that obscures vision for enemies but not allies, even hide people from spotter powers if someone is inside it, including Widow's ultimate (reasoning being it'll only cover a small zone).

Finally give him slug rounds for an alt fire on his shotguns that does less damage per shot but has better range.
He's very slowly getting better. He gets a small buff every 3-5 months or so since last February.

However, unless quad tank will become meta (which it probably won't) Reaper will not be in a good meta place anytime soon.

He needs one of his 2 abilities buffed
I see a lot of downvotes for people stating his faults, but no counter arguments.
His teleport should be about 5 times faster, he’d be a lot more viable with just that.
30 years of FPS games and even after recent examples like TF2 developers still haven't learned that giving a low ranged hero no ability to actually get within effective range usually ends in disaster.

Reaper can absolutely shred enemies to a ridiculous degree...but only in very specific situations like the back alleys on Anubis. Otherwise he's useless. He will get picked off easily if he gets caught outside of these CQC situations. He's ironically a pretty good defense hero since he can just sit in these chokepoints and let enemies come to him, but not as good on attack for the reverse reason.

Meanwhile not only can Tracer also shred enemies in CQC, but she has a far easier time closing the gap between her and enemies, and far more ability to escape from a bad situation.

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