Favorite Solo Voiceline Combos?

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I have a few that I like that work well together.
Ana: "Don't be scared." "Everyone dies.."
Roadhog: "Like taking candy from a baby" "Whats mine is mine" "Want some candy?!"
Reaper: "Where's your holiday spirit?" "Its in the refrigerator"

And my new favorite from the Lunar event
McCree: "Heh, it's you're funeral." "This calls for a celebration"
"G'day, DIPSTICK!"
Zenyatta: "I dreamt I was a butterfly." "Frightening"
“Take two and call me in the morning.”
“Doctor’s orders.”
- Mercy

- PyroPanda
"What are you looking at?"
"You look liked you've seen a ghost."
I went awhile not knowing interrupting your voice line with another wasn't heard by others. So many great combos ruined. :/
I need a drink
02/10/2018 06:48 PMPosted by OWSaint
I need a drink

“I’d love to stay and chat but...”
“I need a drink.”

Works better, no?

- PyroPanda
“Have a nice day... dipstick!”

“You fought well, but not well enough. Unacceptable.”

“Death is whimsical today. Frightening.”

“Nice try. I’m #1!”

“I hear you, pumpkin. After you.”

Just a few I’ve got.
Tick tock tick tock tick tock
"A gift! ..for you." *sake spray* "...SAKE!"
Bastion: "Doo Woo" "Dwee Doo Hoo"

"How-" "Frightening"


"You shame yourself" "Let me show you how it's done"
Not exactly a voice line pairing, but I thoroughly enjoy:

Saying "How lucky for you!" anytime I damage boost someone

Saying "Sometimes im not sure why I even bother..." Anytime I rez someone and they instantly die

And of course, the obligatory "You're welcome" anytime someone says thanks despite it not being aimed towards me
Orisa: "Do you need a hug?" "I'm sorry, but I can't do that." followed by her Laugh emote.
Hanzo- I choose you, SAKE
I forgot Lucio: "I'm not hearing that noise!" "That's how you get tinnitus!"
Reinhardt's persistent bullying:
"What do we have here?"
"Are you chicken?"
"Are you afraid to fight me!?"
"You shame yourself!"

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