In Your Opinion: Are Genji and Tracer Fun to Play Against?

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Yes, I find them fun to play against. Partially because when I'm watching the kill cam after one gets me, you can see that they were riding a wild bull, and it's impressive to see they maintained control - the total opposite of Junk Rat blowing my face up when he didn't even know I was there and a couple grenades fired at someone else missed entirely and wobbled into me.

I like ALL flankers, because they separate the dumb from the alert amongst DPS - if a flanker ate your support that's ON YOU, YOU FRONT-FACING NEVER-CHECK-YOUR-FLANK DIPWAD.
Sure? I don't have less fun playing against them at all. It's just another hero choice in this game.
Genji can be annoying but in a challenging sort of way. I do think that dragonblade and deflect have stupid huge hitboxes though. Genji takes timing, sure, but the Genji mains that think they are pro players have no idea how much the game is rigged in their favor.

Tracer though...Tracer. She does not scale linearly with skill. She scales exponentially. If the enemy Tracer is even marginally better than your team, you are absolutely toast. If the Tracer is of equal skill, you might be able to fend her off with teamwork (rare in low ELOs) are the few soft counters she has (still requires flexing, which is...rare in low ELOs). It honestly does not seem healthy for the game that Tracer's impact and resource demands are so outsized compared to other characters. Recall always gives her the edge in any engagement. Always.

She has me so frustrated with the game that I've pretty much dedicated myself to being a Sombra 2.0 main so that I can reliably help my teams deal with her, and I hate myself for doing it. I consider myself a tank and healer specialist, and it feels utterly wrong and like a major game design failure that I can better protect my team against this scourge with another DPS character.
they are more fun to play against than spamrat thats for sure.
I wouldn't know im a tracer and genji main ;)
02/11/2018 12:20 PMPosted by Wraithdagger
If there was an actual, reliable counter to flankers to force the opponent to switch to a different composition, we might actually get varied compositions like Overwatch is supposed to have.

i am sorry that your masculinity is too threatened by the idea of playing a healing robot and that you think hanzo is a troll pick because you can't play mccree. if you are a bad mccree, genji players are used to fighting against bad mccrees and if you are beaten to the punch more often than not, then perhaps you should let genji make an erronous prediction instead of flashing too early.

hanzo's arrows are the size of your face and he hits ridiculous shots. zenyatta's orbs are roughly the same size. genji players are usually in your face as you die and this is when they are the easiest to shoot.
Meh, what is fun to play against? Getting killed by anything doesn't feel great, I think that's the point. The real question is: do you think Genji and Tracer or overtuned? Tracer, definitely! Genji needs some minor adjustments in my opinion to reel him in a little (smaller deflect hitbox or w.e.).
A good tracer is literally the worst and most annoying thing to play against in this game.

Genji's really annoying too ,but nowhere near the levels of tracer IMO

having to do 180s 4 times in a row while being shot at is the worst feeling there is (because by the time she used all her blinks , a fourth one would've recharged already)
A good one: No.

A bad one: Yes.
"Fun to play against" is a poor thing to balance around. Instead shouldn't the character you are playing just be fun to play?
Tracer, yes. I never had much of a problem playing against Tracers, and the Tracer players I've come up against who are really good, I've always appreciated. Tracer is the definition of a glass canon, and I feel like any major nerf to her will just make her a glass hammer.

Genji, no. The problem with Genji is that he's overturned, meaning he has too many advantages that gives him the upper hand in many situations. Genji has a closing ability that resets on a kill, which allows him to escape really easily despite the fact he also has two amazing passives, meaning he never really has to worry about overextending. He has a personal barrier that not only blocks projectiles, it also damages the target while Genji is free to jump or run around, allowing Genji to turn a losing battle around completely with just one button push. I could go on like this, but the main issue is that the majority of times Genji kills you, it doesn't feel earned, it feels cheap.
I don't mind playing against Tracers, and even though good ones wreck me, they don't ruin anything for me. The bad ones are easy enough to kill and the good ones at least take a lot of skill.
Playing against Genji just plain sucks. The deflect box is the size of an effing continent and the whole "don't shoot while they're deflecting" strategy is half-a**ed since deflect has essentially no cool down time.
I can deal with a Genji, because im able to hit them most of the time. But Tracer is a whole different story. She always has her blink or recall every second, and whenever im ready to shoot her, she just blinks away and i can never hit her. It sucks even more because most characters in the game can't counter her. Not every team has a Roadhog, Mccree, Sombra, Or which ever character can counter her. She is one of the most situational things to counter, and Tracer hasnt ever recieved many changes since LAUNCH. I know Tracer is the face of overwatch and stuff, but she needs a nerf. But what about her should be nerfed? I say her ability charge rate. She shouldnt be able to teleport every second.
Genji I don't mind. His damage output is generally low unless he commits, though his burst is good. He requires skill and has to expose himself to become a real threat.

Tracer's risk/reward ia way off imho. She requires too much effort to shut down, from like half the team.
For me, yes.
Its not about being "fun to play against" because im sure no one is having a blast as they watch themselves get thrown at a roadhog to look him in the face right before death, but its fair.
Dying as zenyatta in a half a second because tracer was behind you and theres nothing you can do about that? Thats not fun.
Tracer I can handle but genji can go to hell with his
1. Unlimited mobility with no cooldown
2. An ability that forces you to stop shooting him only to get immediately swift strike and lose 50 health
3. Can swift strike or wall climb away when he's almost dead or the fight doesn't suit him
4. His broken deflect hitbox that can deflect things that aren't even in his line of sight
I hate him even more in deathmatch where he can steal everyone's kills and then swift strike to safety
02/11/2018 12:29 PMPosted by Fragehardt
Meh, what is fun to play against? Getting killed by anything doesn't feel great, I think that's the point.

Fun to play against means providing a fair challenge to your abilities.

Getting killed by something that actually deserved to kill you is a benign feeling. It's never "fun" to die but the point is that it doesn't feel frustrating either. It was fun to encounter them and it doesn't feel unfun to die to them because you don't feel like you were cheated out of a victory.

Getting killed by cheap shots is infuriating. You never want to have players feel like they died to something completely unfair and out of their hands. Like getting one-shot instantly by a Hanzo you couldn't even see. There's nothing fun about that encounter, it's just pure frustration.
I play a bunch a tank heroes and I’ve never “rolled my eyes” or felt cheated when killed by reaper/widow/McCree (the heroes that are my natural counters that shred me in 3 seconds—).

I find genji and tracer incredibly tedious to play against. Movement wise they can disengage at the drop of a hat making it extremely difficult to punish them and feel any sense of accomplishment (lacks that burst of happiness you get from killing them).

The current dearth of mobility counters and that deflect blocks far too much (rein hammer? A ball of fire? Hitscan shotgun that puts out more pellets than a small sword could possibly block? Whatever the hell Moira’s balls are made of? 0_o) makes it extremely frustrating. Comp is a !@#$ show so I only bother with qp these days and if you get an exceptional tracer/genji you just gotta tank up and hope everyone doesn’t die to pulse bomb/blade =\ Whenever high ranking players go heroes virtually any other class I can counter pick them and have an impact. Not so with high ranking Tracer/Genji players #fuelsbadman :(
Nothing is more satisfying than predicting and countering flankers. Or shutting down a dragon blade.

Countering tracer and genji is as easy as knowing where they are coming from ahead of time. At that point all you need to do is wait, and pop them with a sleep, helix, stun, hook or what have you. Sure, dueling them is a pain. But thats what they were designed to do. If your game sense and positioning is on point. You generally wont have to.

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