Why do you main mercy?

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What I enjoy the most about Mercy is definitely her mobility. Guardian Angel is super fun to utilize, especially after the bunny-hop bug got added as a feature later. It's probably the best thing that the rework brought to her.

Other than that, I enjoy playing healers and supporting my team through ways other than sheer damage. Smart use of the damage boost can really make a difference in a fight and help you build your own ultimate really fast. Ever damage boosted a D.Va's self destruct to gain a significant amount of ult charge and help secure kills that she otherwise wouldn't have gotten because you increased the lethal range of the explosion? It's an awesome feeling imo.

Although sadly I have played her less lately as I picked up Moira and enjoy her more, currently. The nerfs certainly reduced the enjoyment of the character for me. Her base gameplay remains the same and I do enjoy that, but I dread having to use Resurrect (the most fun part is the spinning rapidly while using it. Even if I do happen to die, at least it'll be fun to watch the kill cam) and Valkyrie, while powerful in some way, feels unengaging and unrewarding for me as it doesn't really change much compared to her regular gameplay and I prefer her out-of-ult mobility compared to the free flight at the sky box at maximum beam range. There is no incentive for me to dive into the fight anymore, is what I'm saying.

I hope they'll revisit her again and change things to add to her fun factor in some way.

Edit: Other than that, I really enjoy her character and the work her voice actress has done. Generally the voices of all the characters are really well done, but Mercy (alongside Symmetra, Moira, Sombra and some others) stand out to me personally. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to voice acting, so that's a pretty big factor whether I like a character.
I love Mercy. I might not be her all the time, but I love the character;)
Three reasons:
A) Character-wise: I love her altruistic nature. She is also pinch-her-cheeks adorable.
B) Gameplay-wise: She’s an impressively mobile healer (partially thanks to her “bunnyhop” bug), has a high heals per second, and almost no aim is needed to heal/damage-boost.
C) If no one’s picking a healer, she’s my go-to healer (alongside Ana).

- PyroPanda
I don't main her, but I might start to pick her more often.
I like to dmg boost Orisa, Junkrat and others who can deal good dmg.
And on D.va.
It will keep the enemy at bay, at least down here where I am.
But I hate the new rez, it's so bad and unfair to the Mercy mains.

I do love it when the Mercy mains down here use dmg boost.
There are some who forget that she can do that, and only heals.
I used to main her because I can't do any good as a hitscan hero but her healing was sufficient that I wouldn't have to. I liked that she was so heavily support instead of being one of the other heroes that are "support but also..."

Now that they've blown her up so much I don't play healer anymore except in random hero.
...In before moderators see this and it gets locked...

I started going Mercy Main Season 5, was Reinhardt mainly before that, due to always getting at least 1 to 3 tanks and 4-5 DPS every single game... No healer when you tank is no fun, so I thought if I went Mercy I would at least keep my tanks healed up. Found it rather fun as Mercy 1.0, especially when I could pull a Team Rez (without hide and rez by the way) and help my team get a win. Although I did pull my fair share of momentum rezes as well. The rework was annoying, still fun though, and I could pull more momentum Rezes if things started going South, and the Ult was fun when i could kill of an annoying Bastion on point.
After Nerf, I'd rather not talk about it... Too many people are too happy with the changes and tend to get toxic in the forums...
02/12/2018 06:20 PMPosted by BEASTLY
We hear Mercy getting flanked and suddenly she calls out "Medic!" and we practically face palm. "NOT YOU TOO, MER-"

"Oh wait, that's me!"


BOOM. Instant infatuation. The rest, as they say, is history. Well, at least my history with her. Now I'm a die-hard Mercy main ^_^

YEAH, Greatest line in the game by far :-D
I enjoy playing Mercy because she reminds me of healing in World of Warcraft. I've always preferred playing healers. It's also pretty fun being a high priority target and getting away from those pesky bad guys.
For the same reason I dedicated my life to caring for patients in harms way.

So that others may live.
im gay and cant aim
02/12/2018 09:04 PMPosted by HealsGood
im gay and cant aim

I'm laughing at this way more then I should be
I like helping my team out. IRL I'm a pacifist, and I like that there's a character who uses violence as a last resort. Yeah, I know this is an FPS, and I'll play what we need to win, but I like her character.

Also, I loved Lucie Pohl long before Overwatch. I didn't expect to love her character this much though!
I always fill pick and end up healer, because Mercy does the best healing and i ushally have to solo heal and end up picking her. After a while i grew attached to her, though i still love playing tank. Also i cant aim for !@#$.
I played pretty much exclusively Mercy for the longest time because I used to queue with a lot of Tank mains, and because I mained support, Mercy was usually the best option to keep people alive (Moira wasnt in the game yet).

Now I play with more DPS/Support players so I go pretty much any support or tank depending on what I feel like and what my friends are playing. I've also been playing a lot of Mei lately because she's just fun imo.
I love to heal and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of keeping my team alive. I like Mercy because she has the best healing throughput and turning the tide of battle with resurrection is very gratifying.

Mercy's GA is so fun to use. I love to frustrate opponents by moving effortlessly from one team member to the next. She can also fly and whenever airborne, I'll start smiling.

Mercy will always be special to me.
1. I suck at FPS games and have really poor aim, and
2. She has always been, by far, the most fun hero to play (in my opinion)
I don't main her she's just really easy to keep my team up with, especially if the other healer is not doing well. That's literally the only reason I play her, and if she ever stops being good at that I won't play her anymore.
Her mobility and reliability in healing. I like being able to get up to high locations, bunny hop between allies, and heal through shields. And now with the addition of Valk, I like being able to fly around quickly though it's still pretty underwhelming for an ult.
*squint* why do you care.

back when me and my friends were still playing as a 6 stack, it's kind of a rule among our friends that i'm the one that supposed to be the support (along with it our gaming friends also have the designated tank and the designated dps) among the first 3 healers, i picked Mercy and Lucio a lot because i think Zenyatta is too much of a dps and wont make me successfully support the team, time goes on and i'd rather stick with Mercy that's proven to be able to sustain the team alone.

besides, i can do the supporting with the character that's also cosplaying as an angel, that's a plus.

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